Season 1 of Warface: Breakout adds Ranked Matches


Season 1 of Warface: Breakout adds Ranked Matches

MY.GAMES is happy to announce that tactical console shooter Warface: Breakout has launched Season 1 free update today, adding Ranked Matches, new challenges and a variety of content to unlock. 

  • Season 1 introduces Ranked Matches, new challenges, exclusive cosmetic items, such as weapon skins, avatars, challenge cards, as well as apparel
  • Ranked matches allow players to test their skills competitively. The higher the rank – the better the reward!
  • Each new season will bring new content, cosmetics, and balancing changes  

Breakout’s developer Allods Team has also shared the first stats: 2/3 of the Breakout players are based in the United States. 

“We’re thrilled to hear the community feedback, – said Ivan Pabiarzhyn, franchise lead. – With the following seasonal content drops we will be introducing exclusive content, new character and weapon skins, new maps, and more. As promised, each and every update will be completely free”. 

About Warface: Breakout

Warface: Breakout is the competitive online first-person shooter, available on PS4 and Xbox One. It is a spin-off within the Warface franchise. The game features intense multiplayer battles with tactical gunplay-focused combat. Breakout was developed by the Allods Team, an internal studio of MY.GAMES and was released on May 26, 2020. The global publisher of the game is MY.GAMES.

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