VR Short Animation Last Dance available on Steam


A VR experience that allows you to rediscover the fragility of human existence through the eyes of AI

Degica Games is proud to announce that “Last Dance”, an authentic VR short animation that has been recognized and screened at many international film festivals for its grand scale and unique VR presentation, is finally available on Steam!

Earth in the near future. Humanity, unable to stop the wars, destroys the earth itself. Ironically, only the 3 AIs created by wise humans survive in space and fulfill their mission. That mission is to “regenerate humanity”, and the AIs continues to regenerate the Earth and human civilization over and over again.. However, the cycle of human extinction would not stop.

But one AI notices the existence of a woman who keeps dancing on the verge of extinction. Why does she dance on the verge of death? The AI decides to go down to Earth for the first time to ask her why she is dancing her “last dance”. This encounter between the two will change the fate of the Earth.

Director’s Comment

This story is a “myth” of the distant future, where “an AI as omnipotent as a god falls in love with a human woman. But what is it about humans that makes them so attractive to an AI that is beyond human understanding? Perhaps, for an AI that can live forever, the short life of a human being like a running lantern, the crippled body bound by gravity, and the dance that sparkles within the limits of the body, may be strangely attractive. Through the eyes of such an AI, it would be my sincere hope that this VR experience would allow us to rediscover the fragility of human existence and the love for it.

Noburo Hanzaki

Producer’s Comment

This is the first time for me to produce a full-length VR animation. Director Hanzaki and I worked together to create an original story, and with the help of our staff and many other creative minds and technologies from around the world, we were able to create a wonderful work that makes full use of the advantages of the VR medium.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this project.
We will be exhibiting the film at film festivals for a while, but we are planning to distribute it and show it at events next year, so please look forward to it.

President, Kodansha VR Laboratory
Kenji Ishimaru


  • Siggraph Asia VR Theater Official Selection
  • Lumiere Japan Award 2020 VR Category Special Awards
  • Kaohsiung Film Festival 2020 XR Dreamland showcased Film

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