2 Ways In Which Online Betting Platforms Can Benefit From Esports

2 Ways In Which Online Betting Platforms Can Benefit From Esports

2 Ways In Which Online Betting Platforms Can Benefit From Esports

It’s not a secret to anybody, especially anybody involved in the world of professional sports, that eSports or professional video gaming has been taking over the world of mainstream media sports for some time now. Online betting platforms that usually focus on niches like offering the best March Madness predictions odds, or the top NFL picks or NBA predictions are now turning their attention more and more to the vast world of eSports and all the benefits they can rake in from it.

It doesn’t take a genius to see and understand the market value of eSports in actuality. The levels of popularity and revenue grossing that the competitive video gaming world continues to amass day in and day out has put all other sporting disciplines on notice. While before thinking about video gaming as a professional sporting discipline would have been nothing more than an opium fantasy, nowadays, we’re on the verge of seeing eSports become a mainstay even in the Olympic Games.

With all this said, it would only make sense for the also blooming online sports betting industry to find ways to form some sort of connecting bridge between them and the eSports world to get a piece of the revenues being produced. So here we bring you two ways in which the world’s leading online sports betting platforms can continue to benefit from offering eSports betting options.

It opens up Sports Betting To A Whole New Niche Of Customers

It has been said for some time now, that younger generations of society are losing interest in professional sports. While there are certain sporting organizations like the NFL, NBA, and FIFA who still command high levels of praise and attention from fans of all ages, the fact of the matter is that yes, most other professional sporting disciplines and organizations have become victims to loss of fandom. But not eSports. Where everyone has been losing fanatics, eSports has been picking them up left and right. If you see it from the brash and simple side of life, who would say no to becoming a fan of professional video gaming? In this day and age, almost everyone in the world, especially young adults, have all played video games at least once in their lifetime, and I think we can all agree that once you’ve played and gotten sucked into the entertaining world that video games offer, it’s hard to turn away.

The online betting industry has seen this and has taken it upon itself to make sure that this new niche of sports fans can find an outlet to wager money on their favorite video gaming competitions if they so desire. By offering gaming fans a chance to bet on all of the leading eSports tournaments happening around the world, be it for League of Legends, Fortnite, CS: GO, FIFA, or whichever game they have been able to crack open a whole new market that was not at all expected to even exist just a few years back. It’s also worth mentioning that we’re not talking about a new market niche that’s worth a few tens of thousands of dollars too. No, the up-and-coming eSports betting market is on its way to becoming a hundreds of millions of dollar market, with online betting activities associated with eSports already trumping some of the most important mainstream sports betting options around.

Betting on eSports Takes Live Betting To A Whole New Level

One of the most attractive features that the online sports betting industry has come up with as of recently, thanks to the technological advances in the field, is to allow for live betting to take place. What this means is that now, betting pundits can wager on their favorite sporting activity not only before the event happens but during it as well. This allows fans to be able to place money on every activity happening in the event as it unfolds, allowing for the betting experience to become more exciting and action-packed, with the possibilities of winning more and more present and available.

When it comes to betting on eSports, online betting companies have seen this, and given the fact that, unlike other physical sports, eSports are based on machines and data management, offering live betting options has become one of the premier options for eSports wagering fans because of how accurate the predictions and odds can be. For example, in first-person-shooter games, online betting platforms can take the data of previous matchups, scores, the difficulty of the scenarios and levels being played, weapons being used, and all-around player skill to be able to offer the most accurate odds for live betting purposes available for its fans. All of this makes for bigger profit-grossing scenarios both for the fans and for the betting platforms.

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