2020 Predictions

2020 Predictions

2020 Predictions

Over 30 billion IoT devices are projected to be connected by 2020, according to Statista Research Department. As IoT devices continue to grow exponentially in popularity, they also add an unknown amount of additional risk and complexity as they permeate both corporate and personal networks.   In 2019, we saw security cameras, printers and routers amongst other devices being compromised. These devices are typically designed to a tight cost point, use a multitude of arcane operating systems, and may never see security updates. Even worse, they may exist in networks for periods of time far longer than traditional computing devices – consider how long a network-enabled appliance may last, as an example. Add to this the emergence of 5G networking, which will only amplify the proliferation of intelligent connected devices, and increase the impact of an attack against these devices.   2020 will see the demand for stronger IoT security to protect consumers and organisations alike from growing threats. Manufacturers of IoT devices will feel the pressure to effectively bake security into the overall design from the start.   Manufacturers who prioritise the security and privacy of their connected products will enjoy a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

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