Slinger VR, a futuristic action-packed puzzle VR game with a big chunk of speed and freedom, arrives on Steam today!


More than three years after the initial idea, Slinger VR comes out today, bringing you tons of logic puzzles in a futuristic setting. All that matters is you, the obstacles around you, and your creativity in using them to your advantage to get through another level.

Have you always been keen on mechanically challenging games? Are you a fan of puzzle games that put a strong emphasis on your dexterity, situational assessment, and decision making? Slinger VR does just that, additionally bringing you a variety of level types, enemies, and puzzles. The main goal may seem quite simple: locate the portal and leap through it.

Or, you could jump straight into action by purchasing the game from Steam ( for the price of $14.99 with a 15% launch discount.

Using a pair of your trusty WHSK-03 devices, you can attach yourself to nearby walls with energy hooks and elastic contracting ropes. Numerous other attachments will also add a layer of additional functionality to these beauties. If, however, the portal is not operational, you’ll have to seek and activate all the transmitters needed to power up the extradimensional corridor that will take you to the next stage. Simple right? Well, it won’t be that easy…

“We’ve made sure that progressing through the levels is not always going to be a walk in the park. Naturally, the difficulty increases with each level. We’ve created a set of enemies that will try to stop you by stunning or shooting you, or even by devouring your body after mincing it with razor-sharp concentric blades running in alternate directions. Fun stuff.” – said Rafał Kańka, the one-man-army programmer.

Slinger VR is designed to be the perfect option for people looking for a bit of a mental and physical challenge in their gaming experience.

What you can expect:

  • 20 levels
  • 4 unique enemy types
  • 3 difficulty levels

112 Operator is now available on Steam!


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