Accessories Manufacturer NEXiLUX Release Joy-Con Alternative for Nintendo Switch, Wired Optical Gaming Mouse and Keyboard+Mouse Bundle for Console and PC Today


Available in Amazon, eBay, Walmart and TotalConsole

August 19, 2020– Video game accessories manufacturer NEXiLUX release Joy-Con Alternative for Nintendo Switch, and Wired Optical Gaming Mouse and Keyboard+Mouse Bundle, compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, today.

Transparent BLUE & RED: Amazon eBay Walmart TotalConsole Solid BLACK: Amazon eBay Walmart TotalConsole

The Joy-Con Alternative, available in Transparent BLUE & RED or Solid BLACK, costs $44.99. It includes the two Joy-Cons, the grip to play as a pro controller, a type-C cable to charge it from a compatible USB power source., and instructions on how to sync properly.


The Wired Optical Gaming Mouse for Windows costs $24.99 and supports Macro and RGB LED customization. The Windows software, which can be downloaded from our website, enables countless RGB settings. This mouse is compatible with our keyboard and mouse adapters (NXL-95214 and NXL-95223).


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