Africa Recording High Numbers Of Gamers


Like any other continent, Africa consumes the latest tech, such as gaming, and has hit high numbers. Currently, the region is up to date, especially with mobile, computer, and console technology. Here is an insight into the high upswing number of gamers in Africa.

Growth of Gaming in Africa

Working online has become a norm in the past couple of years, forcing many Africans to do their daily activities online. Mobile and computer games gained popularity when people were looking to spend some free time during the lockdown.

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What the Stats are Saying

According to research conducted in 2021, there were 186 million gamers recorded which has grown from 77 million in 2015. The recent stats collected in the Sub-Saharan region are said to have significantly increased after 2020.

63 million of the 2021 stat pay for gaming subscriptions. This aligns with the integration and acceptance of digital currency use in Africa.

Experts predict the number will increase to a billion gamers in the next five years. So, what are the factors that will contribute to this significant growth?

Factors Influencing the Growth of Gaming in Africa

The Direct Involvement of Tech-Developers on the Continent

Google and Microsoft are the most prominent tech groups to set up headquarters in Africa. These mega-firms act as a stepping stool for amateur software developers in the Universities, and among these brilliant students are gaming developers.

Through the culture, you can get games developed by Africans, either through the Google App store or Microsoft Store as a Windows user. You can also get other versions for iPhone and MacBook users.

Most recently, in November 2022, tech billionaire Bill Gates was in Kenya. On top of food or health security, as discussed, he emphasized technological implementation in various sectors that will also positively impact gamers and developers.

Availability of Good Internet Connection

The internet makes the world a village where you can access anything with the right resources and qualifications.

Mainly, people would utilize their mobile providers to access the internet at a fee. WiFi technology is now common in the Sub-Saharan area and Southern Africa, allowing people to access games that also include versions only played online.

Also, gaming or software developers depend on good internet, whether working in a school or at home. Having options to use in both is a significant contributor to the gaming influence in the continent.

Social Media Influence

While spending time on TikTok or YouTube, you come across a few gamers. With the availability of technology and internet connection in Africa, one or two gamers will likely be from this continent.

These platforms also recruit new gamers through tutorial videos or watching others engage in game varieties while streaming.


It is possible to reach a billion gamers in five years with available resources and avenues on the continent. We now have phones with already installed games, proving that it is easy to find and utilize them. As technology advances, we can only expect to see more numbers of gamers from Africa.

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