AMENDMENT ‘Spellsworn’ PvP Brawls Hit the Arena on March 13

AMENDMENT ‘Spellsworn’ PvP Brawls Hit the Arena on March 13
AMENDMENT ‘Spellsworn’ PvP Brawls Hit the Arena on March 13

AMENDMENT ‘Spellsworn’ PvP Brawls Hit the Arena on March 13

Swedish developer Frogsong Studios today announced that their PvP arena brawler, Spellsworn, will move out of Steam Early Access into a free to play commercial launch on March 13th. From March 1st through to March 4th players can enter fast-paced spellcasting matches in the Spellsworn Arena on Steam for free.

“The game is in the final development stages, and so we are excited to invite everyone next weekend to experience intense battles of wizardry in the Spellsworn arena free of charge”, said Stefan Jonsson, CEO of Frogsong Studios. “After the official release, we will introduce a Founders Edition, which new players can purchase in order to get two Legendary Skins and two Legendary Staffs. Early Access supporters will automatically become the Founders and as a token of gratitude will get two additional items, exclusive to our pre-launch players.”

In Spellsworn, players rely upon tactics and quick reflexes to outsmart and obliterate opponents, using a well thought out combination of spells across different disciplines. Players battle it out in teams or free-for-all over intense five-round matches for up to eight players. Between each round, the magic arsenal can be customized by trading or upgrading spells to switch up strategy and mess with the minds of rival wizards. The magic mayhem reaches another level once the hazardous environment begins wreaking havoc on the playable field, causing damage over time to each player pushed off of the arena. With an ever-changing environment that poses as much of a threat as the enemy, adaptation is just as important as a quick hand and mind. In a world gripped by a war of magic, only the skilled and strong will be victorious!

Spellsworn is available on Steam Early Access for $9.99/€9.99/£9.99

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