Anime ARPG & Roguelite Zengeon comes to Nintendo Switch on September 25th, 2020


Available for PC on Steam right now and releasing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year!

PQube and developer IndieLeague Studio are excited to announce Zengeon is launching for Nintendo Switch on 25th September 2020. It is now available for PC on Steam!   Inspired by ancient Chinese culture and deities, Zengeon is a challenging anime roguelite. Uncover the mystical story by collecting Memory Fragments in levels that change every time you play. Featuring random enemies, power-ups, bosses and puzzles every time, you can look forward to endless unique runs, both solo and via online multiplayer!   Players who pre-order with Funstock will receive a Rice Digital exclusive art card set:
Six Unique Characters   Each student of the Celestial College controls a Guardian spirit with amazing abilities and features! Find the pair that appeals most to your playstyle and fight your way through the hordes of darkness!
Roguelite Thrill   Dying to one of the many hazards makes you lose everything except for the Memory Fragments you collected. Adapt to Zengeon’s challenges on your own or with up to three party members online!  
Dynamic Power-ups   Randomised power-ups give your hits a chance to summon minions like lightning elementals, cause blizzards or heal you. Find your favourites as you mix and match!   Tradition meets Anime   The beautiful anime art style reimagines ancient Chinese culture in a super stylish way. Explore mystical levels, strange dimensions and impressive arenas full of passion for detail.    

Zengeon is now available for PC on Steam and will release for Nintendo Switch on September 25th – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow later this year!

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