Are you man or monster? Discover what lurks within yourself with Monstrum 2


Pre-purchase and Closed Beta sign-ups available for 4v1 survival horror game now

Monstrum 2, the multiplayer survival horror game slated for launch in the last quarter of 2020, is now available for Closed Beta testing as well as pre-purchase at
Indie developer Junkfish’s cult nautical horror game Monstrum returns as an asymmetric multiplayer sequel featuring up to 4v1 gameplay, set on an abandoned sea fortress. Monstrum 2 takes survival horror to the next level by combining first person stealth gameplay with extensive procedurally generated environments that keeps each playthrough dynamic. 
Choose to work as a team of stranded prisoners seeking a means of escape, or hunt them down as a terrifying monster.   

Play as a human prisoner
Use teamwork to complete puzzles, clear obstacles, and unlock new areas. 
Scavenge items that can help you exploit the environment and outwit the monster.
Stay stealthy by using hiding spots and distractions to your advantage.  

Play as a monster
Master different monsters and use their unique abilities to hunt down the prisoners.
Smash through walls, climb on ceilings, leap across distances, or teleport to your prey.
Each monster leverages the environment in unique ways to ambush unsuspecting players.

Replayable Environment
Immerse yourself in an atmospheric metal labyrinth that randomizes its layout, rooms, puzzles and traps each time you play.
Sign up for the Closed Beta at and pre-purchase Monstrum 2 at a special discounted price to receive bonus content plus Early Access to the game. 

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