Atari VCS – Kicking off the New Year with New Releases and Flashbacks

The Atari VCS Launches Over a Dozen New Games

Atari VCS – Kicking off the New Year with New Releases and Flashbacks

With the holiday season behind us, Atari is thrilled to add some additional post-New Year cheer with the announcement of several brand new games and classic re-releases on the Atari VCS Videogame Computer System, as well as a sneak peek at what’s still to come this month.
Retro Meets Modern, Plus Indie Fun
To complement the catalog of beloved golden-age classics, the Atari VCS welcomes Asteroids: Recharged, the modernized reimagining of the definitive arcade shooter. The game features classic gameplay with freshly added powerups and perks, dazzling neon graphics, global leaderboards, solo and couch co-op modes, and a super-charged electronic soundtrack by award-winning artist and composer Megan McDuffee. 

Asteroids: Recharged joins the library of existing titles in Atari’s all-new Recharged series, which presently includes Missile Command: Recharged, Centipede: Recharged, and Black Widow: Recharged, with more expected to launch throughout 2022, including the recently announced Breakout: Recharged.

Fans of indie adventures can now jump into the colorful world of Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan, a challenging-yet-charming platformer and true love letter to 8-bit adventure games. And, for families seeking a more fast-paced family game night, Rally Racers delivers high-octane couch co-op racing fun with quirky cartoon animation and moderate challenges perfect for the whole family.
Latest Atari 7800 “Flashback” Releases 
  In the latest slew of releases, Atari VCS’ library of Atari 7800 titles expands with the addition of Super Huey, Alien Brigade, Asteroids, Fatal Run, RealSports Baseball, and Centipede — each of which in their authentic, richly nostalgic formats due to native emulation on the Atari VCS. 

Every Friday, Atari VCS users can look forward to a fresh batch of Atari 7800 and other retro releases, including the following upcoming titles: 

  • Solo Flight
  • Ancient Art of War in the Skies
  • MicroProse™ Command Series
  • 4th and Inches
  • Fast Break
  • MicroProse™ Soccer
  • …More to be announced! 

In addition to its quickly expanding gaming catalog, the Atari VCS supports all of the major game streaming platforms natively within the Atari VCS dashboard via Chrome. Once you’ve had your classic and indie gaming fix, fire up Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia, Luna, or GeForce Now for a nearly limitless, contemporary gaming experience!

The Atari VCS lineup of Videogame Computer Systems, bundles, and peripherals are available now for purchase online and in-stores at Best Buy, GameStop, and the Official Atari VCS website in the United States and Canada. 

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