Be a clock! Clock Simulator available now on Nintendo Switch!

Be a clock! Clock Simulator available now on Nintendo Switch!
Be a clock! Clock Simulator available now on Nintendo Switch!

Be a clock! Clock Simulator available now on Nintendo Switch!

Developer Kool2Play is proud to announce that Clock Simulator, one of the craziest virtual simulators, just arrived on Nintendo Switch. Now everyone can personally experience how it is to be… a clock!

Clock Simulator is based on a crazy idea: „Hey, there are simulators of everything, but there is no clock simulator”… and that’s how one of the most unique concepts in the video games history was born! This minimalistic logic game is based on rhythm. Just like the clock, all you need to do is measure time precisely. Every second. And another one, and another one, and another one…

It doesn’t matter if you need a moment to calm down and relax or just want pure fun and challenge for yourself – Clock Simulator gives you an opportunity to focus on your inner rhythm and counting every second as precisely as possible. Let’s add a variety of modes (with a possibility to unlock another one with further gameplay) just to enjoy and play them at your own leisure and we are having a game to get invested in for a little more than just a few seconds.

That’s the reason why Clock Simulator was acclaimed by Steam users and recommended in „Featured” section of the store, and why Rock, Paper, Shotgun editors decided to compete in their „RPS Summer Games” using this game. We all remember the memorable quotes from that tournament, like „Tick is always slightly faster than tock” or „F**k clocks!”.

Clock Simulator also includes two multiplayer modes, created especially for Nintendo Switch users to play with up three friends on one console! Now you can discover the pros and cons of being a clock together.

Clock Simulator offers:

  • An unique concept – a clock-based rhythm game, in which you are the clock
  • Controls so simple you could play with your eyes closed
  • A variety of play modes and themes ranging from meditative to arcade, all Joy-Con friendly
  • Option to unlock modes and themes you enjoy – play them at your leisure
  • Two competitive multiplayer modes – exclusively on Nintendo Switch
  • Controls utilize the possibilities provided by Nintendo Switch

Game is now available on Nintendo Switch through Nintendo eShop in $3,99.

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