BeardedBrothers.Games Reveals Underground Garage Trailer


BeardedBrothers.Games developers of Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator present the trailer of their new simulation game. This time we will get something more than just a regular mechanic simulator. Underground Garage will have an intricate dark story, and we get a glimpse of that in the trailer, where we meet Deb, the game’s main character.

In Underground Garage, players will start their careers as car mechanics and dive into the world of illegal racing from an unknown perspective. In the Underground Garage, players will be dealing with cars. But not the ordinary ones – the highly tuned cars that hit the city streets at night to participate in visual shows and illegal races.

Players will follow in the footsteps of Deb, who will climb the career ladder to exact revenge on her principals. This is the first car mechanic simulator where the player has a goal to work for!

Thousands of interactive parts and plenty of cars to tune up. Test customized cars in free ride mode alone or with friends. Sandbox mode will allow players to create a machine they could only dream of, and procedurally generated quests will provide entertainment for endless hours of fun.

The trailer has received the first reactions among the UG community:

oh damn my heart skipped a few beats and you can really see all the work you all have put in from when you done the alpha testing. The game looks to be the next big thing I cant wait.

„amazing you guys never seem to stop amazing me i really have enjoyed being a testster and cant wait for next update for us to test

I’m so excited. Take my money and let me test early.

„A lot of these games are popping up. But this is the one to keep watch for. An actual story and from the gameplay. Looks like even a good handling model with awesome customization! On my wishlist NOW!

Underground Garage will be released first for PCs in an early access version, later for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Underground Garage release date is yet to be announced. Find out more at Underground Garage Steampage.

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