Become one with a huge battle mech in ArmZ VR – an original, dynamic, tactical wave shooter


Become one with a huge battle mech in ArmZ VR – an original, dynamic, tactical wave shooter

Think fast, but shoot faster in this insanely dynamic wave shooter, (with a pinch of tactics), in which you operate a huge battle mech. Defend the city gates at all costs, otherwise doomed creatures from the bottom of post-apocalyptic hell will tear you to pieces, break through the gates, and wipe the last human habitats off the face of the earth.

Add ArmZ VR to your wishlist on Steam ( to get ready for the final battle that will decide the faith of humanity.


Welcome to a world where technology has sealed our fate and finally led to the World War. Those of us who made it are now living in ruined cities behind steel gates that separate the cities from one another and from deadly creatures roaming the wastelands. The only thing that stands between us and them are the remotely controlled war machines called ARMZ. But no machine, no matter how powerful, would be of any use without, its operator.

ArmZ VR is a hellishly dynamic wave shooter that allows you to become one with a huge, heavily-armed Battle Mech! Your goal? To guard the city walls against constant attacks from horrifying human-machine hybrids. You can be sure they’ll use all their skills and weapons – and they won’t hesitate to sacrifice their life when needed, because unlike living beings, they don’t have the instinct of self preservation, only a pure will to kill.

But you have something your opponents don’t: an ARMZ war machine that adapts to your preferred combat style. Not keen on sophisticated battle tactics, strategic thinking and planning three moves ahead? Grab those miniguns, start a barrage fire, and cover the battlefield with a hail of bullets until no hostile creature is left with its head still sticking up from the ground.

“Rambo style” combat not your cup of tea? Good! Your robotic arms are capable of way more than just pulling the trigger. Use them to provide cover from bombs. Equip your mech with a harpoon to eliminate enemies at a distance. Drag them, crush them, watch them bleed, and throw away what’s left of them. Then enjoy observing the impact your horrifying little show had on the remaining enemies, who will literally freeze in fear. And once the situation on the battlefield gets really serious, wait for the hostile horde to come anywhere near an explosive, then blow it and enjoy the mayhem.

And you’d better be ready to make good use of your mech’s weapons and defensive skills at all times, because every opponent you’ll be facing – starting from heavily-armored Guards with shields and hammers at their disposal, to flying, bomb-throwing Jumpers – has their own set of skills and combat strategies, challenging your wits and testing your tactical talents.

You can play the game standing, or sitting comfortably in a chair, but you must not forget to be constantly looking in different directions and using both hands and weapons at the same time, as death can come from literally anywhere. So, having eyes in the back of your head will be crucial for your victory in combat. The same applies when properly deciding on which targets to destroy first during the battle. The situation on the battlefield changes dynamically, so you need to be both quick and creative when developing your offensive-defensive strategies.


  • Feel what it’s like to operate a huge combat mech of the future!
  • A dynamic, tactical, wave shooter that will require you to bring your A game;
  • Enjoy a set of different weapons designed to perfectly match your preferred combat strategy;
  • Fight diverse opponents, each with their  own unique skills and combat styles;
  • Face your opponents in three completely different environments of this post-apocalyptic, dying world;
  • Defend, die, repeat. Improve your skills and make sure no nasty thing goes through that gate!

ArmZ VR will debut on PC VR (Steam Early Access, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) on March 28ththis year at a price of $14,99.

More information about the game can be found on Steam.


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