‘Before We leave’ now available


Before We leave’ now available

Set in a solar system post-apocalypse, Before We Leave lets players lead groups of ‘Peeps’ – re-emerging survivors ready to explore, discover and chart new lands.

Featuring six unique biomes and numerous islands to explore, this charming mini-universe is packed with all the things players will need to keep their Peeps happy: food, shelter, and a bit of entertainment. They’ll also need to keep a close eye on their resources and pollution levels to avoid damaging their planets and impacting the mental and physical well-being of their Peeps.

Key Features

  • Expand the Horizons: From a lowly settlement to a sprawling civilization of Peeps, players will need to traverse mountains, forests, oceans, and the depths of space to explore, build, and thrive
  • Tremendous Tech: As players progress, they can research technology to better their civilization, including sailing, industry, trade, and more
  • Keep the Peeps Happy: Running a settlement is no small feat; players will need to keep track of their Peeps’ happiness alongside food, resources and pollution levels
  • A Whole New World: With six unique biomes filled with resources and mysterious relics, players must utilise the land and plan their settlements accordingly
  • Award-winning Soundtrack: Benedict Nichols (Omno, The Falconeer) and James Dean of Ākau Audio compose a soundscape fit for any benevolent leader, winning ‘The Composed Segment’ Pav award for excellence in audio

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