Blade & Soul: Demonsbane – Major Update Launches with Flying Zeppelin Dungeon


The Battle for the Earthen Realm Reaches the Next Level in Blade & Soul: Demonsbane

The first major content update for Blade & Soul since the launch of the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade has arrived in the form of Blade & Soul: Demonsbane. Available beginning today, the free update includes a brand new chapter in the epic story arc, the new Aerodrome dungeon, several new gameplay systems, a new tier of accessories, and more. For full details on the updates in Blade & Soul, visit the patch notes here.

Epic Story Arc – Act XI Part 2. The Hongmoon Warrior will learn more about what turned Mushin from the righteous and honorable General to the villain he would become. The continuation of the Epic Story Arc will reveal the events that led Mushin down the path of darkness – players will meet with old friends who will guide them through the Divine Realm to confront Mushin himself, and save the Realms from collapsing…

The Aerodrome Dungeon and Demonsbane System – The Aerodrome is a new 4-player dungeon for end-game players, and Blade & Soul’s first Mythical Dungeon. Aerodrome is a giant flying zeppelin, which has appeared over Fishbelly Pub hosting a Martial Arts tournament… except none of the warriors who enter the tournament have been returning. The dungeon is the first to feature the new Demonsbane system – as players complete the dungeon, they unlock different levels of Demonsbane, which adds new boss mechanics, player debuffs, etc. to continually challenge players as they clear the dungeon. With more risk comes greater reward for players – and of course players will be able to replay any level they’ve previously cleared.

Breaker System – Some player skills now have the ability to add “Breaker” status to bosses during fights. Represented by a gauge beneath Mythic Dungeon boss health bars, when filled by players during combat, the boss will become temporarily stunned and more susceptible to damage. Players will have to choose if they want to use a build that allows for these all-out attacks as a way to dynamically alter strategies during boss fights.

The Demonsbane system, Epic Story Arc, and more are just the latest round of free content updates added to Blade & Soul.

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