Blood West teams up with the viral rock band Ghoultown to make weird west even weirder


This isn’t your typical wild west gunslinger’s redemption arc. This is a damnation arc.

Indie First Person-Shooter veterans, Hyperstrange, pride themselves for having heavy metal embedded deep in their DNA, as proven many times since their debut, a “Metal Action Fantasy Slasher” ELDERBORN. Bringing their wild west horror stealth shooter Blood West out of Early Access, they team up with Ghoultown, an American viral rock band, and the multi animation award winning Smile Studios to create the song and the music video “I Am The Undead”. A western heavy metal ballad about one gunslinger’s eternal damnation.

In this new video, the revenant gunslinger ventures into the abandoned Ghoultown, a hell-ridden nightmare despite the welcome sign in view, enjoying a sip of drink before all breaks loose. The music band Ghoultown, combining elements of rock, metal, and Western, take us on a cowpunk journey through the fights and killings of the undead gunslinger, blood and guts spilling after every shot, with our protagonist falling horribly to the overwhelming odds, only to awaken once again and walking back into the punishment. Ghoultown consists of singer and guitarist Count Lyle, guitarist Jake Middlefinger, guitarist Lizard Lazario, bassist Santi, drummer Dalton Black, and trumpetist Randy Graham, and they all treat us to their performance in their ghost shapes of a fully original new song composed by them for Blood West. Both a tribute and a celebration of the game, ‘I Am The Undead’ captures the bizarre nature of a cursed gunman roaming through the old wild west in a murdering rampage of horrifying monsters, and as the game does as well, the fun of it all.
Blood West is an immersive wild west stealth FPS with RPG elements where, as a revenant desperado, you take on the twisted demons and eldritch horrors, while you search for the means to end the curse that has befallen the frontier, and maybe find some peace for your wicked soul. One quest after another, the spirits of the land will lead you towards even greater challenges in a story-rich non-linear adventure. And whatever your path may be – things will get rough. For hell is empty and all the devils are here! The third and final part of Blood West’s story is coming up later this year when the full game launches on December 5. It will be your time to explore the mountains, a region even deadlier than the mines and the swamp, adding fan-favorite voice actor Stephen L. Russell, better known for his roles in Thief, Dishonored 2, and many others, to this new entry in the stealth immersive sim genre.With an overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam by players during its Early Access phase, with over 1,600 reviews and a 92% positive rating, Blood West is set to expand into 1.0 on December 5, 2023 and will feature over 20 hours of playtime across its three chapters.

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