She’s back! Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi and Ballantine’s announce the restock of their coveted whisky collab


She’s back! Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi and Ballantine’s announce the restock of their coveted whisky collab

After reading all of your 1,000,233 comments about my Ballantine’s x Moxxi Bar Edition limited-edition bottle being out of stock, I’ve been running around like a skag with her head cut off trying to track down more bottles. I’ve been contacting every marauder and axe lover from here to Eden-6 and finally got my pretty little hands on some for you Vault Hunters. Better snatch them up before they’re all gone!

If you’ve been living under a rock since April, you won’t know that I was hired by Ballantine’s Scotch whisky as Chief Galactic Expansion Officer earlier this year to spread the word amongst you Vault Hunters. Pretty nifty, right sugar?

So far, not only have I created my very own exclusive bottle of whisky, I’ve also got my own special squad who spearhead all my Earth-based operations. Heard of ‘Moxxi’s Finest’? I knew you had. They push all the right buttons if you know what I mean.

I also released a star-studded movie, featuring yours truly and some of my favourite Pandora residents to remind all you darlings to drink responsibly. Want to watch it? I thought you might… here it is.

Like most things in life, the re-released drop of my Ballantine’s x Moxxi Bar Edition loot will be available on a first come, first served basis. Lucky buyers will get access to four exclusive and playable in-game heads from Pandora, just scan that cute little QR code located on the bottle, sugar.

Don’t forget to stay tuned throughout the summer, honey, as I’ll be serving up missions to my Moxxi’s Finest squad, offering only the most exclusive loot to you Vault Hunters out there, as well as more personalised messages and videos from yours truly…

Did I mention I have four exclusive Ballantine’s cocktails especially for you? I’ll mention it again if not…. There’s an Apocalypse Spritz, a Bloodshot Eye, a Sandbox Sip and don’t forget about my namesake Moxxi’s Mule. As always, don’t forget to drink responsibly, sugar.

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