Super stellar deals are go! Bundle Blast launches on the Fanatical Store

Super stellar deals are go! Bundle Blast launches on the Fanatical Store
Super stellar deals are go! Bundle Blast launches on the Fanatical Store

Super stellar deals are go! Bundle Blast launches on the Fanatical Store

It’s time to fasten your space seatbelt as Fanatical’s big bundle sale is now live!

Leading digital retailer Fanatical ( has now launched Bundle Blast, which could potentially save gamers thousands of dollars on gaming deals over the next four days. A number of quality bundles launched at 5pm – with many, many more to follow right up until Thursday September 20th at 4pm BST – so be sure to keep an eye on the official Bundle Blast countdown clock over on the Fanatical Store for each deal’s arrival!

Kicking off Bundle Blast is the Infinity Bundle, featuring 8 great indies. Escape the asylum in the story driven, creepy psychological horror adventure Fran Bow, head into the neon-lit streets of a futuristic cyberpunk world and decide your own fate in side-scrolling RPG Dex, and take to space in a tower defense-style environment as you build your own ship and protect its cargo from the hazards of deep space in Space Run.

Escape from your penthouse and take on mutant enemies while scavenging for supplies in the post-apocalyptic roguelike RPG SKYHILL, save your true love from a trash-planet and find a way home in point & click adventure Deponia: The Complete Journey, and witness a struggling writer’s book unfold in the beautiful papercraft world of Epistory – Typing Chronicles.

Concluding the bundle are turn-based space strategy Tharsis, a fictional story of humanity’s first mission to Mars, and Shelter 2, an endearing adventure game in which players control a Lynx attempting to find a new home for her litter.

Brand new to Fanatical, the Martian Mystery Bundles will test gamers’ luck with surprise Steam keys. Fanatical’s Martian has returned from its intergalactic journey with goodies in the form of the Martian Mystery Bundle – 3 games and Martian Mystery Bundle – 6 games – with an array of randomly selected AAAs and indies up for grabs.

Other Bundle Blast launches include big price drops on the popular Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Bundle and F.E.A.R. Bundle, which are only around for 72 hours, as well as the Tales From Candlekeep – Complete Bundle, Dreamcast Bundle and Dollar Viva Bundle.

For UK-based gamers or anyone visiting EGX 2018 at the NEC Birmingham this week, two members from Team Fanatical will be at the event on Thursday handing out free Steam keys to celebrate Bundle Blast – so be sure to hunt them down and ask (nicely) for a free game!

All Steam keys included in the Bundle Blast deals and across the Fanatical Store are officially licensed and benefit the developers working on the vast amount of games that you play now and in the future.

Please note: Some games included in the bundles and across the Fanatical Store may be region locked.



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