Century: Age of Ashes lands today on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5!


Century: Age of Ashes lands today on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5!

Independent game developer and publisher Playwing is thrilled to announce free-to-play Century: Age of Ashes® is now available on PlayStation 4 & 5 consoles along with all Season 1 – ‘A Shadow Over Skeld’ content. 

If you’re currently riding the hype surrounding dragons and dark fantasy entertainment, then do we have the game for you. PlayStation players can now take to the skies and vanquish their foes in fast-paced, scorching dragon battles where the line between victory and defeat is drawn with fire, and better yet, it’s entirely free to play!

Century: Age Of Ashes® can be downloaded for free from the PS Store and get access to all Season 1 content as detailed below. Additional info on Century: Age Of Ashes “Season 1 – A Shadow Over Skeld” can be found here.

  • NEW CLASS: The Stormraiser, offering tank-like gameplay with thunder attacks
  • NEW MAP: The Valkürian Sanctuary, an aerial fortress with a signature dark fantasy design
  • DRAGON PASS: New progression system with 70+ rewards and story-driven lore books
  • EXTRA CONTENT: Ranked season, live events and upcoming PvE event 

PlayStation Plus Members will also receive the ‘Dolkuni Lagoon Pack’ as part of their exclusive rewards, and can expect more rewards throughout the year.

Are you a journalist or content creator? If so, we have review codes available upon request, which will grant you the Stormraiser Premium Pack (retail value $50) – and includes the following: Stormraiser Class + Dragons + Player Customisations (armour, weapons, etc) + In-Game Currency.

About Century: Age of Ashes: 

Currently being developed by a team in Bordeaux, France, Century: Age of Ashes® invites players to become legendary dragon riders in a competitive free-to-play team-based shooter where skill and strategy are the only things that separate victors from the fallen.

Master a growing roster of character classes and dragons, compete in exciting arena game modes with up to 12 players, unlock hundreds of epic customizations, grow baby dragons into fearsome beasts, and rule the skies with your friends!

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