Check Out the New Mary Skelter™ 2 Opening Movie Trailer


Check Out the New Mary Skelter™ 2 Opening Movie Trailer

Will you be able to escape the clutches of a Nightmare? We’re excited to share the Mary Skelter™ 2 Opening Movieand updated Iffy-cial website that includes new battle system information and battle screenshots!

  • SystemsBattle – Otsuu and Jack’s Turn and Battle – Murder Hunt
  • Screenshots: Battle

Mary Skelter 2 will be available digitally for the Nintendo Switch™ for $39.99/£35.99 on October 22 at 11AM PT in North America and in Europe on October 23 at 11AM CEST! The game will have a 20% discount for the first week of its launch!

Mary Skelter 2 also contains the first installment of the series, Mary Skelter™: Nightmares, which includes revamped systems and balances to the original release. 

The battle party is comprised of Otsuu and Jack, plus 5 other members. Turn order is based on the speed of the characters and enemies. Using attacks that strike at enemy weaknesses, and doing Overkill finishes will draw enemy blood that can splatter on to the area and characters. This blood will become key to winning battles!

Battle – Otsuu and Jack’s TurnWhen playing as Otsuu and Nightmare Jack, players are able to input two actions and switch off between the two characters. Otsuu can use one turn to attack the enemy, while Nightmare Jack can use the second turn to use his Purge Abilities. Or even have one character perform two actions – it’s up to you!

However, if players overuse Nightmare Jack’s nightmare powers or purge skill, his Mind Meter gauge will reach a point where he turns into Ripper Jack – a maddening version of Nightmare Jack that is uncontrollable. Because Otsuu and Nightmare Jack are connected through their minds, Otsuu may also enter Blood Skelter mode if Nightmare Jack transforms into Ripper Jack. Players must use Otsuu’s command, “Counseling,” that will help lower Nightmare Jack’s Mind Meter gauge and bring him back to normal.

Battle – Murder HuntNightmares can appear around any corner, so players must be extra cautious. Because Nightmares move in real-time, players can get ambushed even when accessing the menus. This unexpected ambush is called Murder Hunt. Whenever a white haze appears, it signifies that a Nightmare is nearby.

If players are stuck in the white haze, a real-time Murder Hunt chase starts. Nightmares are invincible, so defeating it is out of the question unless players destroy the Jail’s core. If the Jail’s core is not destroyed, the Blood Maidens must use skills to attack specific Nightmare weak points and stun them long enough to escape. The white haze can heavily reduce visibility, so it is suggested to splatter the dungeons with enemy blood, which can help guide players through the maze and escape.

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