Chimeraland, a New Game is Looking for Players to Join its First Closed Beta Test in Canada and the Philippines

Chimeraland First Closed Beta Test (CNW Group/Chimeraland)

Chimeraland, a New Game is Looking for Players to Join its First Closed Beta Test in Canada and the Philippines

Chimeraland, a new open-world MMORPG game, today announced its entry into Canada and the Philippines and invited players to participate in a mobile version closed beta test.

Combining MMO and SOC gameplay, Chimeraland is an innovative game based on the Eastern classic text, The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Every player who joins Chimeraland will experience the boundless imagination of Eastern mythology as they dive into an immersive exploration of a new world.

The mobile version closed beta test invites applications from players in Canada and the Philippines between July 1-15, with 5000 spots available. Qualified testers will be announced before July 20, with the closed beta test conducted from July 20 to August 4, 2021 (GTM-4) . Players can find more information and submit applications on Chimeraland’s official website.

Chimeraland strives to restore and bring back the true mythological world full of ancient, distinct animals, iconic mountains surrounded by clouds and rivers showered by raindrops. Here, players can catch, ride, devour and evolve ancient beasts to be companions; they can build homes and live in the mountains or by the ocean; they can discover treasure and wealth in the big open world, and trade freely with other explorers. The wide collocation of weapons also adds to the combat experience. A mysterious world of oriental mythology awaits your exploration. Some key features include:

1) Open World, Free Exploring and Building: Spherical open world with a 9 billion square foot seamless map for players to explore and build freely. Use your homes to transform the world.

2) Be Whatever You Want to Be: A wide variety of characters for you to choose from and freely accessorize with weapons and abilities. You can be the legendary traveler you’ve always wanted to be.  

3) One-of-A-Kind Ancient Beasts: Catch, ride, devour and evolve – you get to recreate an ancient beast in your own way. 

4) Versatile Weapons for Better Combat Experience: Change weapons freely to enjoy a smooth battle experience with your friends.

5) Fun Ways to Play Beyond Battling: In addition to vigorous battles, you can also enjoy fishing, planting, harvesting, cooking, trading…Define your own fantasy journey.

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