Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass: Byzantium and Gaul Pack


Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass: Byzantium and Gaul Pack

Today, we announced the third DLC pack in the Civilization VI – New Frontier PassByzantium and Gaul Pack – will be launching on September 24. It will be available to anyone who owns the Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass or available for individual purchase for INR 669.

Check out the developer update video here.

Included in the Byzantium and Gaul Pack are two new leaders and civilizations – Byzantium and Gaul – as well as two new World Wonders and a new map script – the Highlands. The Byzantium and Gaul Pack also includes a new optional game mode called Dramatic Ages*, where civilizations always enter Golden or Dark Ages every era that feature more potent bonuses and penalties. Instead of Dedications, players will gain access to powerful new Social Policies like Golden Policies and updated Dark Policies that offer more flexibility and power. Dark Ages in particular are more dangerous than ever, as players in Dark Ages will have a portion of their empire immediately fall into Free Cities, and Free Cities can exert pressure on other cities.

Ahead of next week’s launch, we’ll be sharing First Look videos of the leaders for Byzantium and Gaul. Stay tuned to Civilization VI on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more information.

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