COAI Emphasizes on Cyber Security Says, #StrongerPasswordStrongerYou

COAI Emphasizes on Cyber Security Says, #StrongerPasswordStrongerYou
COAI Emphasizes on Cyber Security Says, #StrongerPasswordStrongerYou

COAI Emphasizes on Cyber Security Says, #StrongerPasswordStrongerYou

On the occasion of World Password Day today, COAI initiated a social media campaign for creating awareness for maintaining healthy password habits in order to tackle the threats emerging from cyber world.





#StrongerPasswordStrongerYou campaign aims to make people aware of online threats and remind them of the significance of regularly changing & updating their passwords and following a strong-password habit.


While the awareness for having, a strong password is growing, many people still do not follow the basic rules for protecting their passwords. In India particularly, a majority of cyber fraud cases take place as people keep easy-to-hack passwords for their bank transactions, email accounts and other social media properties.


According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 11,500 cases of cyber frauds were registered in 2015. While passwords have become an important aspect of our daily lives, we often don’t follow some basic steps to maintain their security. Users either keep an easy to guess password – names of their family members, date of birth etc, or they don’t follow the basic practice of regularly changing it.


COAI put out a national call for users, to take a pledge on this World Password Day to strictly follow some rules and healthy habits for creating and updating their passwords and remind others also. This would help online users to have a safe and secure online experience.


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About COAI

Constituted in 1995 as a registered, non-governmental society. COAI’s vision is to establish India as the global leader of innovative mobile communications infrastructure, products and services and achieving a national teledensity of 100%, including broadband. The association is also dedicated to the advancement of modern communication and towards delivering the benefits of innovative and affordable mobile communication services to the people of India.


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