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COLORFLY Launches CDA-M2 Hi-Fi USB DAC Amplifier


COLORFLY Launches CDA-M2 Hi-Fi USB DAC Amplifier

COLORFLY, a high-end professional audio brand of COLORFUL, proudly introduces the CDA-M2 Hi-Fi USB DAC and Amplifier available in two eye-catching colors – starry gray and limited edition purple. The CDA-M2 limited edition purple only comes in 100 units. COLORFUL also proudly announces that the CDA-M2 won the prestigious 2023 CGD Contemporary Good Design Award. The CDA-M2 Purple Limited Edition is created in collaboration with dd HiFi, a leading Chinese professional audio cable brand.

Outstanding Audio Quality

The COLORFLY CDA-M2 Hi-Fi USB DAC/Amplifier comes equipped with two Cirrus Logic DAC CS43198 flagship audio processors – a first for the M Series DAC/Amplifiers. Its internal circuitry uses a 6-layer gold-plated PCB, strategically isolating digital and analog circuits for optimal audio processing. The M2 also has two independent XR2001 amplifier chips for the 3.5mm and 4.4mm with a dynamic range of up to 130dB.

Cutting-Edge Audio Technologies

Built upon COLORFLY’s flagship player audio architecture, the CDA-M2 features the cutting-edge JitterKill Femtosecond Clock Technology designed exclusively for U series players. Operating in ASYNC mode, it meticulously restructures data, enabling audio signal transmission to bypass USB clock and SRC interference, unlocking a journey of pristine, lossless sound.

OLED Display

For easy navigation, the CDA-M2 comes with an OLED display along with the all-new control buttons.

Flexible Two-Level Gain

The CDA-M2 has two level of gain, High/Low, which allow users to optimize output for either headphones or earbuds. Users can easily adjust gain with the help of the information on the OLED display.

Tailor-Made Upgraded Cable

The CDA-M2 comes bundled with an upgraded USB-C cable featuring a pure copper silver-plated core for low latency protected by a multi-layer insulation.

UAC 1.0 Game Mode

The CDA-M2 features a UAC 1.0 Game Mode designed for PS5 and Nintendo Switch, making it a high-quality audio decoder for supported game consoles.

Volume Memory

The CDA-M2 features the new Volume Memory that saves volume level when connected to any front-end device.

Key Features

•       Multi-platform compatibility (Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android)

•       128×64 pixel OLED display for visual operation

•       Volume Memory

•       Two gain modes: High and Low

•       Upgraded “ribbon” cable design for improved conductivity and low latency transmission

•       Durable CNC aluminum alloy body

•       Dual Cirrus Logic DAC CS43198 audio processors

•       Professional player architecture

•       S/Pdif coaxial output

•       5 digital filter modes

•       3.5mm single ended + 4.4mm balanced

Pricing and Availability

The COLORFLY CDA-M2 HiFi USB DAC Amp is now available at partner resellers in Mainland China and APAC.

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