Compaq enters Smart Televisions in India


Ossify Industries will introduce COMPAQ Smart Televisions in India and across multiple countries in early 2020 under a licensing partnership. Indian consumers will have a chance to rekindle their relationship with the brand through its family of superb technology, Smart TVs.

The familiar bold Q of COMPAQ will again be a distinct part of our daily lives, as Ossify Industries has announced COMPAQ televisions’ entry into the Indian Smart Televisions market, delivering on the promise of quality and compatibility.

Televisions are becoming much more than just portals of entertainment, evolving every day as people focus on truly smart solutions. TVs now need to do more and enhance users’ lifestyles with rich-internet and connectivity features. COMPAQ family of Smart TVs will transform television usage into a seamless and integrated experience.

Ossify Industries, based in Delhi NCR has pioneered the Smart Televisions through great product innovations, wide distribution, and industry leading quality across the value chain.

In reference to the licensing partnership and plans for COMPAQ Televisions, Ossify’s CEOMr. Anand Dubey, said, “we are thrilled about the licensing partnership with COMPAQ and are looking forward to extending the storied COMPAQ legacy. The brand represents excellence through innovation and quality that it has delivered upon for decades. We will have a clear strategy in which product and customer service are paramount, to ensure that quality and dependability are delivered to each consumer. Ossify has researched the unmet needs of Smart TV users and, we are confident that our products will comprehensively address those gaps with contemporary products with super smart features and designs, and that are loaded with COMPAQ values.”

Slated for an early 2020 launch, COMPAQ TVs are expected to incorporate an array of features and functionalities that go far beyond simply enhancing the basic TV experience. With a history of innovation backed by extensive market knowledge, Ossify’s COMPAQ TVs are ready for a grand entry in the very exciting world of Smart Televisions.

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