Join the Cosmic Chaos when Cosmonious High Launches for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR on March 31


Check out the first gameplay trailer for the next VR adventure from Owlchemy Labs, creators of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator

Owlchemy Labs, creators of viral VR hits Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, announced that school is back in session on March 31, 2022 when Cosmonious High arrives for Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR. The studio also debuted Cosmonious High’s first gameplay trailer showing off its quirky characters and vibrant world. Players who want to be the first to experience alien high school can wishlist Cosmonious High on SteamVR today; Quest Store pages will go up later this month. 

In Cosmonious High, play as a Prismi who crash-lands into their first day at an alien high school. This welcoming place is alive with fun and friendly characters but plagued by mysterious malfunctions. Players will unlock powers, take classes, make friends, and restore Cosmonious High to its former glory. 

Featuring VR gestures built to make interactions feel natural, saying hello to your best alien friend is as simple as waving your hand. Characters have unique personalities and will react to the world around them, whether that’s throwing a ball or starting a conversation. The characters and environment come together to make Cosmonious High Owlchemy’s largest sandbox world to-date where players can interact intuitively with almost anything.

Cosmonious High offers a wide range of accessibility features, including a mindful color palette, single-handed playing, dynamic subtitles, and more. Owlchemy Labs applies their “VR for everyone” motto as a key development principle to each of their games, allowing more people to enjoy the full Cosmonious High experience. 

“With Owlchemy’s signature VR gestures, character interactions, and reactive environments, Cosmonious High pushes the boundaries of what you’ve come to expect from VR games. We put so much into making the world feel intuitive, responsive, and most importantly, satisfying. We’ve also made accessibility a core pillar of our studio’s development pipeline, ensuring anyone can experience Cosmonious High. We cannot wait for everyone to jump in and see what chaos they can create,” said Devin Reimer, CEO (Chief Executive Owl) of Owlchemy Labs.

Cosmonious High Key features:

  • Living Characters – Experience the latest level of VR interaction with dynamic characters that respond to natural gestures. High five, fist bump, and converse with a quirky cast of characters!
  • Juicy, Responsive World – The entire school is one big interactive playground for your powers. Just remember: having fun with powers is no excuse for skipping class!
  • Unprecedented Exploration – Explore the biggest space Owlchemy Labs has ever built! Hang with your friends in the Grand Hall, perform experiments in Chemosophy, and get creative in Visualetics. 
  • Gorgeous Visuals – Enjoy the vibrant, colorful world of Cosmonious High in an art style as unique and playful as the school!
  • A Hand Full of Powers – Unlock alien powers to help explore and engage with the world around you!

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