Cotton Reboot, Released yesterday


Cotton, Ready and Waiting to be Unraveled

Yesterday saw the release of ININ Games and BEEP’s side-scrolling shoot ’em up Cotton Reboot! released both digitally and physically on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Europe, Australasia and North America.

Non Stop Action – From Start to Finish

For those that don’t know much about the history of the ‘Cotton’ brand it goes back 30 years and has appeared on many early consoles and computers including PC Engine, Neo Geo Pocket Color, right through to the early PlaySation. Throughout the years Cotton has received acclaim for its fast action, it’s colourful and detailed presentation and its cast – especially its endearing cute central character, the young witch Cotton and her little helper fairy! What unfolds is an amazing challenging shoot ’em up extravaganza with 7 amazing stages, a host of baddies complete with the customary pickups, waves and hordes of explosions… 

Visual/Audio/Gameplay Features

  • Remastered with hand-drawn HD graphics
  • Remixed soundtracks
  • Comes with Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams in the X6800 original mode
  • Different game modes
    Arrange mode features 16:9 screens, redesigned graphics and characters.
    Score attack mode: the player competes for scores online within a limited time (2 minute and 5 minute modes can be selected).
Oni flying toward witch!

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