Countdown begins for the launch of Summum Aeterna


Countdown begins for the launch of Summum Aeterna

With the arrival of “Ragnarök”, there are already six major updates available for the prequel to the acclaimed Aeterna Noctis, and the latest brings a challenge only suitable to the most demanding players.

Summum Aeterna receives this patch following its roadmap for 2023, this time adding a new world that includes 2 new areas crowned by a confrontation against a new final boss that will put your skills to the test. The “Ragnarök” update also adds new features to the King of Darkness arsenal. Here you can take a look at the teaser of this long-awaited update:

The very name of the patch makes the nature of its content clear. The developers have called the new world “Hyperborea”, the land beyond the north, a nordic setting that will take the King of Darkness to explore a magnificent landscape of glaciers, snowy forests and ice caves. This new world is divided into 2 areas, the Fjord Coast and Odin’s Bastion, adding a greater variety of settings to a title that has not stopped growing in content since its Early Access began last summer.

From the studio offices, they warn us not to be fooled by the beauty of the settings, since there are many dangers and challenges that await us in the new update for Summum Aeterna. Every new world brings a roster of new enemies that will make things very difficult for his dark majesty. Both regions of Hyperborea are populated by 9 new enemies: from warriors skilled in the art of close combat to all kinds of creatures based on Nordic folklore. The design of these enemies is inspired by the mythology of the ancient Vikings and each of these new rivals offers a unique behavior that will force the player to adapt to each fight without blinking. Otherwise, they will suffer the humiliation of being defeated.

Protecting these inhospitable lands is the new final boss included in the update… Or, rather, the 3 new final bosses: Frindala, Sveneka and Astrida, known as “Defenders of Valhalla”. These warriors consider immortality an offense against Odin’s work, so the presence of the King of Darkness in their domain is intolerable. 3 against 1? Then, it’s a fair fight, you may be thinking. The combat against this trio of valkyries promises large doses of action, something the development team is used to.

The combat formula in Summum Aeterna is intuitive, frenetic, and constantly evolving. Within the playable content included in the “Ragnarök” update we find 6 new weapon ascensions. Let’s remember, this is the new mechanic that allows players to unleash the absolute power of the arsenal. With this, not only are the King of Darkness’ combat options expanded but also interesting dialogues with NPCs and missions that we must complete to get access to the ascension diagrams.

Following the Summum Aeterna roadmap for 2023, the next big update will arrive in April, and everything indicates that it will do so with interesting news. Aeternum Game Studios’ Roguelite will end its Early Access this year, and will do so by launching simultaneously on PC and PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. If you want to keep up with the news about the title and show your support for the studio, there is no better way than to add it to your wish list or purchase a copy of Summum Aeterna through these links:



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