Dad Quest – Controller Support and More Updates

Dad Quest – Controller Support and More Updates
Dad Quest – Controller Support and More Updates

Dad Quest – Controller Support and More Updates

On Friday 17th February, the first content update for Dad Quest will arrive. The game is about to become much more accessible, as we’re adding Xbox 360 controller support – if players prefer their platformers, or games in general, with a game pad they’re in luck!

In addition to this, a new enemy type has been thrown into the mix, appearing in the dungeon, which can be played towards the end of Chapter 1. This challenging new fiend will add to the already diverse roster of enemies, forcing players to utilise everything they have to survive the Dad-based onslaught.

This update is just the start, and you can expect to see a more detailed Early Access roadmap next week. Rest assured, however, that much more is on its way, including new chapters.

About Dad Quest

Fight formidable enemies, such as pigeons and eggs, by using your child as a weapon! Upgrade using the child’s skill tree and unlock new abilities, such as ‘piercing throw’, which deals damage to multiple enemies at once. Players can view the first gameplay trailer here.

In order to keep updated on Dad Quest, players and the press alike should add the game to their Steam wishlist, which will make them the first to hear of new blogs and updates on Dad Quest. In addition, players can follow Dad Quest on Twitter and like the game on Facebook, as another means of keeping up to date.

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