DEATH COMING Arrives on Nintendo Switch 4.25

DEATH COMING Arrives on Nintendo Switch 4.25
DEATH COMING Arrives on Nintendo Switch 4.25

DEATH COMING Arrives on Nintendo Switch 4.25

Developed by Tencent’s NEXT Studio and published by Zodiac Interactive, the multi-awards winning indie hit Death Coming will be globally released for Switch on April 25th. The PC version has sold over 230,000 copies since the debut on Steam in November 2017.

The game is priced at NA $6.99, EU ?6.99

‘Death Coming’ is a non-linear puzzle game where you take on the role of the Reaper. Your sole objective? Cause deaths and harvest souls while abiding by the Free Will Clause.

Key Features
● Isometric ‘God’ Perspective
View your hunting grounds from a top-down perspective. Follow the lives of your targets and those out to stop you.

● Non-linear Design
Start with any character you want, and solve the puzzles in any order you like within the limits of the Death Traps and weather conditions.

● Observe, Plan, Execute
Observe the victims to find out their behavior and idiosyncracies. Trigger death traps at the right moment to kill efficiently. The better you know their routines, the better you can prepare your death traps.

● Reactive AII
Victims will hang around spots they like and will change their actions and behavior when something happens to them, such as seeing someone die.

● A Morbid Sense of Humor
From suburbia to missile factories, there’s always a wacky way to wreak havoc. Don’t be afraid to laugh at someone’s demise. If you do what you love (in this case, harvesting souls), you’ll never have to work a day in your life!

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