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Deep Rock Galactic Update 25 trailer revealed by Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games

Update 25 will launch on Steam in late September and introduces a host of new content, focused on the brand-new Deep Dives mechanic. Deep Dives are an ultra-challenging endgame mechanic, made up of three missions combined into one long adventure, going deeper into the crust of Hoxxes than ever before. New Deep Dives are available every week.

Each Stage of the Deep Dive awards veteran Dwarves unique rewards, including Infused Matrix Cores – items that act as blueprints for exclusive cosmetic items and the all-new Weapon Overclocks – extremely powerful Mods that can significantly alter the functionality of a weapon. 

“A proper Endgame for Deep Rock Galactic has been part of our plans for a long time, and it’s clearly also something our community has been hungry for. With the introduction of Deep Dives, Matrix Cores, new Mutators, Weapon Overclocks, and a bunch of other features, we’re confident we’ve cooked up an awesome Endgame that’ll keep our dwarven miners entertained for a very long time.” explains Mikkel Martin Pedersen, Game Director of DRG, and continues. “While normal missions are randomly generated from session to session, the Deep Dives are pre-seeded. For the first time ever, this allows players to share and compare experiences as well as replaying them for a better outcome…and perhaps spur some friendly competition.

On top of all the new endgame mechanics, Update 25 will also completely overhaul Deep Rock Galactic’s top-of-the-line Beard Physics and introduce a huge array of glorious new styles, including braids, jewelry, and beard plating!

When we began development of DRG, we didn’t anticipate just how important facial hair would be to our community. In Update 25 we are totally overhauling our beard physics, as well as adding a ton of new beards to the already big collection of cosmetic items.” says Art Director Robert Friis.  

“Update 25 is our biggest update since we launched into Early Access and we’re super excited to get the update into the hands of our players!” says Mikkel Martin Pedersen.  

Content of Update 25:

  • Deep Dives – All new endgame system
    • Update 25 launches on Steam late September, and introduces Deep Dives, a major new endgame system in Deep Rock Galactic. It will be the most significant update since launch, and is a big step in bringing the intergalactic space shooter towards full commercial release.
      • Each week two new Deep Dives will be available – with one of them being Elite and extra challenging.
      • A Deep Dive will consist of three difficulty-locked missions chained together, taking you deeper and deeper into the bowels of Hoxxes IV. 
      • While normal missions are random from session to session, the Deep Dives are pre-seeded, so players can share and compare experiences as well as replaying them for a better outcome.
      • Health and Ammo will carry over from one Deep Dive mission to the next and the difficulty level will be fixed. You will not be able to bring a greenbeard to a Deep Dive – only a Promoted Dwarf can join.
      • Each stage awards unique rewards:
  • Stage 1: Mineral Cache, a big ol’ crate of crafting materials.
  • Stage 2: Infused Matrix Core, a powerful item that acts as a blueprint for all-new Weapon Overclocks; rare and extremely powerful Mods that can significantly alter the functionality of a weapon
  • Stage 3: Infused Cosmetic Core, containing data for new, exclusive Cosmetic Items
  • Every mission, or Stage, of a Deep Dive is guaranteed to come with Mutators, including all new ones such as:
    • Low Oxygen – hold your breath and try not to die before you reach an oxygen tank.
    • Parasites – The enemies are full of angry, parasitic worms. 
    • Regenerative Bugs – Enemies regenerate their health if you wound them and don’t take them out straight away.
    • Volatile Guts – All Enemies explode on death.
    • Haunted Cave – Something awful is hunting you…!
  • This system will be expanded on in later Updates, particularly in Update 26, which will introduce the previously teased Machine Events. 
  • New beards & skins
    • Magnificent moustaches, breathtaking beards, scintillating sideburns, and hair-raising hairstyles. Braids. Jewelry. BEARD PLATING.
    • Dozens of new skins to unlock, as well as the introduction of mesh attachments.
  • Overhaul of the entirety of Deep Rock Galactic’s top-of-the-line Beard Physics™
    • Every old and new beard in the game has been rigged to use an all-new and much better physics setup.



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