Desta: The Memories Between by ustwo games Is Out Now on Netflix!


Desta: The Memories Between by ustwo games Is Out Now on Netflix!

BAFTA-award winning studio ustwo games is thrilled to announce that Desta: The Memories Between is now available exclusively on mobile (launching 6PM BST / 10AM PT), in partnership with Netflix. Players can enjoy Desta: The Memories Between via a Netflix subscription on both iOS and Android devices. A PC and console roadmap is to be announced in the coming months. 

Desta: The Memories Between is a character-driven rogue-like, featuring an immersive story, strategic turn-based tactics, as well as dodgeball action. Through unique gameplay and unforgettable experiences, the game explores themes such as self-reflection, loss, regret, and identity – through the eyes of ustwo games’ first non-binary protagonist Desta.

Desta’s story also touches on gender identity, sexuality and queer friendships/relationships. And although some of the subject matter is difficult at times the key takeaways are positive and joyful.

Every night, Desta falls into the mysterious dream world, filled with shattered remnants of locations past, memories of old friends and influences, and glowing orbs that give Desta the power to change the course of events.

The only way to progress is to play the mysterious ball game and dig deeper into Desta’s inner dreams and memories in search of the right words to say. Shoot spirited trick shots, team up with a diverse group of characters, adapt your strategy and unlock new abilities to dig deeper into Desta’s subconscious mind and uncover their secrets.

Desta: The Memories Between is the studio’s deepest and most ambitious game yet, with all the heart and approachability that ustwo games is known for. The game features the depth of skill and mechanics offered in the turn-based and roguelike genres, and signals a new direction for ustwo games as the studio’s first-ever live-ops supported title.

“This is an exciting new avenue for us, giving players the opportunity to grow and engage with Desta in a meaningful way over the coming months. We look forward to taking players even further into Desta’s dreams”  said ustwo games Chief Creative Officer, Danny Gray.

Updates and content additions will be made in the months following launch, with all additions made playable as part of players first runs. A timeline, including the start date for liveops support, will be confirmed shortly after launch. Upcoming features players can look forward to include: 

·        Weekly Challenges via Challenge Mode

·        Hard Mode 

·        New Abilities and Memorias 

·        New Characters and Chapters in Desta’s Story

·        And much more! 

ustwo games will be donating 3% of Desta’s profits to youth organisations. As a registered B Corp, ustwo games is committed to leveraging the power of games for positive impact, such as with Alba’s tree-planting campaign. Youth organisations help young people find their confidence and their voice when they need it most, something that is core to the story of Desta. ustwo games will have more news to share on this initiative soon after launch.

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