Devolver Digital Spotlights “Lone Light” from Developer That Was Banned From Attending GDC

Devolver Digital Spotlights
Devolver Digital Spotlights "Lone Light" from Developer That Was Banned From Attending GDC

Devolver Digital Spotlights “Lone Light” from Developer That Was Banned From Attending GDC

Indie publisher Devolver Digital will showcase Lone Light, an atmospheric puzzle game about a source of light alone in the universe trying to find its identity, from Iranian independent developer Hessamoddin Sharifpour at the Game Developers Conference ( Last month, Devolver Digital announced it would open its GDC meeting space for any developer who was affected by the travel ban and could not attend the show. The company offered to provide PCs and VR equipment, if needed, as well as distribute any marketing material alongside the demo.

In Lone Light, players have the control of a source of light, however, the source is not distinguishable from its surrounding. To figure out the position of the source and where it is going, players have to use the shadows created by the obstacles in the level to reach the destination, black holes, to enter the next level. Paying attention to the shadows is the most important aspect of the gameplay.

The game demo will be available to all press and GDC attendees at the Devolver Digital Underground meeting space at 44 Tehama Street just blocks from the Moscone Center from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday, February 20th thru Wednesday, March 1st.
Though the company received several inquiries from developers in or from the countries affected by the ban, several of them stated that they did not want to draw unwanted or additional attention to themselves from the U.S. government and chose not to submit.

Lone Light is scheduled to launch on PC and Xbox One.

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