Dive Into the Briny Depths of Underwater City Builder Aquatico

Dive Into the Briny Depths of Underwater City Builder Aquatico

OverSeer Games has opened the floodgates to its underwater survival city builder Aquatico for its 1.0 launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store. After Earth’s surface became a barren and inhospitable wasteland, humanity poured their hopes into beginning a new life under the waves. Building a sustainable future, however, doesn’t come easily. Set across multiple levels of the ocean floor, players will need to survive the briny depths to build their very own utopia.

Oceanic life brings an enticing spin to players already familiar with the survival city-building genre. The advantages and disadvantages of constructing a city underwater will play a significant role when taking on tasks and expeditions. Featuring regional-based biomes with various temperatures and depth levels that impact how players build their underwater civilization, Aquaticopresents unique challenges. Whether it’s being wary of the natural sea life or adapting to unknown ecosystems to avoid triggering unwanted conflicts, managing your population and expansion is key to survival.

With vertical layered construction, Aquatico brings a unique take on city-building. Resting on the sea bed lie the core infrastructure and production facilities which are accessible to the mechanized robots working efficiently to maintain the city’s operations. Impressive domes enclose the layers above, creating a panoramic and habitable life for society. Maintaining this newfound oceanic habitat will come with difficulties, as players must work towards fulfilling the requirements for enduring sea life.

Players that traipsed the sea floor during Aquatico’s Next Fest debut will discover new features have been added. Expeditions allow players to send their inhabitants out into the oceanic depths to scout and secure resources to aid in creating Dome connections bridging the gaps between lower and upper levels.

After its hugely successful October Next Fest debut as one of the most played and downloaded demos of the event, Aquatico has headed straight to 1.0 and is available now on Steam or the Epic Games Store. Players looking to talk with other oceanic builders can join the official Discord.

Key Features

  • Build Your Water World – Build a unique city underwater to escape a dying world. Survive the challenges of the sea and construct your base over multiple levels. Use the seabed to build core infrastructure and production facilities, while the domed layers above will house your people from the dangers of the depths.
  • Survive The Ocean – Discover diverse biomes, gather resources, secure temperature readings and manage the multiple levels of your underwater base. Just be wary of natural sea life, as provoking creatures as you build and harvest may trigger dangerous events. Sharks and whales swarming your city may not be ideal…
  • Choose Your Development – Unlock new technologies and buildings through a vast research tree to determine how you construct your underwater city. From defense grids and drone recycling to sushi houses and oxygen extractors. The route you take will determine the city you create.
  • Explore The Depths – Use drones and submarines, construct production lines and oversee expeditions to investigate the dark depths of the sea. Expeditions will bring rewards and rare resources that are crucial to life. Success brings the opportunity to delve deeper into the unknown. Who knows what secrets hide across the ocean floor?

About Overseer Games

Overseer Games is an independent publisher and game development studio from Croatia.

A small, but agile and capable team of industry veterans and young talented developers creating appealing and challenging gaming experiences. 

Successfully publishing in-house projects gives us the experience needed to bring games from other developers to the wider market.

We understand how games are conceived, created and brought to the market from our own experience, and we’re ready to utilize that experience in garnering future success for all the games we work with.

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