4 things that will drive customer satisfaction for D2C brands this festive season

4 things that will drive customer satisfaction for D2C brands this festive season

4 things that will drive customer satisfaction for D2C brands this festive season

With the festive season knocking on the door, D2C brands are adopting various strategies to stay ahead of their competition. While companies mostly rely on deep discounts, cash rewards and smart pricing strategies to attract and retain customers, the cut-throat business environment demands more. Changing consumer behaviours and expectations have brought a shift in this area, and companies must go beyond discount offers to build customer loyalty and attract new customers. The consensus of market analysts is that the evolution of the customer from discount-driven to experience-driven highlights the need for D2C brands to focus on a few key areas to drive customer satisfaction amidst the festive season rush. Pickrr India’s leading logistics and supply chain brands accelerate the growth journey for d2c brand while insuring the customer satisfaction that includes enclosed points:


At a time when e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart offer next-day deliveries, D2C brands cannot afford to lag in this area. For young and up-and-coming brands, delivering their customers’ orders within just 1-2 days can be a challenge, and they often need guidance on various areas of logistics – starting from order phererocessing and choosing the right shipping provider to last-delivery and reverse logistics. Thankfully, 3PL companies and e-commerce fulfilment solutions providers such as Pickrr have lent a helping hand to these brands, empowering them with access to their advanced tech-based tools, pan-India network of shippers, smart warehouses, and even data-driven insights. Also Pickrr Plus, the company claims to reduce customers overall logistics costing by 10-30% and average delivery turnaround time by almost 20% 

Easy return management 

Returns are an inevitable part of e-commerce businesses, and D2C brands should be prepared to provide a smooth return experience to their customers. In fact, shoppers are more likely to prefer brands that offer them the flexibility to return items/products that do not match their expectations. Companies can leverage modern returns management software platforms to ensure timely pickup of return orders, quick quality assessment, and automated refund of the paid amount to the customer’s account. 

Real-time tracking 

Post-purchase experience is one of the key factors that differentiates a top-tier brand from a second-rate one. In today’s age of instant gratification, not providing customers with access to real-time tracking of their orders can put a brand’s reputation on the line. D2C companies that offer features to enable seamless, live tracking of orders are better positioned to reinvent themselves as a customer-first brand. It allows customers to feel a better sense of control, and they can get notifications beforehand in case of delivery delays. Ultimately, keeping customers in loop with the entire order process helps foster a sense of trust between the brand and its patrons. 

Secure packaging 

Poor packaging often leads to product damage, resulting in higher RTOs and customer dissatisfaction. In the long run, it can also tarnish the brand image and cause serious financial loss. Afterall, packaging is the first thing a customer notices upon receiving his/her order, and it plays a vital role in shaping the customer’s perception around a brand. It is, therefore, imperative that the packaging is done in such a way that it is tamperproof, minimizes friction, and can absorb shocks/vibrations and withstand environmental damage. If the package contains liquids or hazardous items, companies must ensure that the package wouldn’t leak even when subjected to high pressure. 

Logistics players like Pickrr are introducing special festive offers such as extra credits on wallet recharge to help D2C brands and e-commerce sellers handle the surge in order volumes and better serve their customers. In fact, Pickrr providing brands with access to their complete fulfilment solutions at as low as just 5 Rs per order. These services, which are built on advanced technology-based interventions such as AI, ML and smart data analytics, include picking and dropping packages,  smart warehousing solutions, real-time shipment tracking, transparent last-mile delivery, order analysis and customer data, among others. This is enabling brands to focus solely on their sales and marketing, whereas the logistical side of operations is taken care of by the 3PL provider. Subsequently, reliance on these 3PL companies has helped D2C brands to reduce RTO by 2-3% and optimize the overall logistics costs significantly.

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