Strategy Analytics: Electronic Warfare Spending Expected to Exceed $23 Billion in 2028

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A resurgence of the “Great-Power Competition” is stimulating growth in Electronic Warfare spending. The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) report “Electronic Warfare Market and Technology Forecast: 2018 – 2028” forecasts that spending on Electronic Warfare systems will exceed $23 billion in 2028. The report and associated data files break the Electronic Warfare market into attack (EA), support (EWS) and protection (EP) application segments. These files also forecast system spending and shipments by region, along with segmenting expenditures by power level, frequency range, functional content and semiconductor technology for these applications.

“Battlefield philosophy is evolving toward every asset having Electronic Warfare capability, with these capabilities becoming more offensive in nature,” noted Eric Higham, Director of the Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service. “To achieve this goal, new systems are requiring multi-domain, multi-band, broadband and high frequency capabilities.” He went on to say, “The unique performance advantages of GaN will enable the needs of all segments of the EW market, so despite the uncertain COVID-19 implications, I remain optimistic that GaN revenue will grow quickly in the Electronic Warfare segment.”

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