Elixir VR Opens Pre Orders For Breakthrough VR Experience

Elixir VR Opens Pre Orders For Breakthrough VR Experience
Elixir VR Opens Pre Orders For Breakthrough VR Experience

Elixir VR Opens Pre Orders For Breakthrough VR Experience

Elixir VR today announced pre orders for the first season of the new sci fi series, “Foreverse” (for-eh-verse), about an elite team of gamers who stumble onto evidence that the “real world” as we know it may be the ultimate video game.

“Foreverse”— is a breakthrough new concept in cinematic entertainment developed for virtual reality headsets. Viewers will be able to experience the show in “roomscale” VR. For the first time, the audience will feel like they are inhabiting the same physical space as the characters. “This changes everything,” said Chris W. Hill, the show’s creator. “Being present as the adventure unfolds around you truly enhances the experience in ways we couldn’t have predicted.”

The project was started in the spring of 2016 as an experiment among the Hollywood, California based creative team at Elixir VR. That has grown into a full fledged series, with pre orders going live on Kickstarter this week.

“We took a demo of the show to a few events, and were blown away by the response! That community enthusiasm, coupled with our own excitement about the creative possibilities inherent in the show’s premise, prompted us to expand the project to four half-hour episodes.” Hill said additional episodes are possible in the future. “We have the entire series mapped out creatively, and we’d love to tell this story over multiple seasons. At the end of the day, that will be up to the community.”

Fans interested in experiencing an early taste of “Foreverse” will have an opportunity this weekend at VRLA, one of the largest virtual reality expos in America. This year’s event will be held April 14th & 15th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. “We are incredibly excited to be participating in this year’s expo. And we look forward to offering VR enthusiasts a sneak peek at the show!” You can find information about VRLA here.

About Elixir VR

Elixir VR is a California based VR entertainment start-up. Elixir VR’ s primary mission is to merge the best of Hollywood storytelling with cutting edge immersive technologies to offer a new class of entertainment experiences to a worldwide audience.



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