ExitLag and Gamers Club Announce North American Tournaments with $9,000 Prize Pool


Tournaments will take place throughout the next 24 weeks and are open to all players

ExitLag and Gamers Club have come together to announce a series of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournaments that will take place across the North American region. Knowing that it is a necessity to strengthen the North American community through tournaments, ExitLag and Gamers Club created a series of 1v1 format tournaments with a prize pool of $9,000. 

The tournaments started on March 10th and will be held every Thursday for 24 weeks with each week’s winner receiving $375. Interested players can join the tournaments at Gamers Club’s website. Registration is free and open to all players.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Gamers Club as we continue to grow our profile in North America and deliver the best experience to the gaming community,” said Átila Breowicz, CMO of ExitLag. “Creating this 24-week tournament is a fantastic way to give the North American Counter-Strike community the true Gamers Club experience – and without any lag issues, of course.”

Late in 2021, Gamers Club expanded into North America to encourage the CS:GO community all over the continent, bringing its belief in the community and values to a new region. This is the first step taken by the companies together in North America to reinforce the region’s competitive landscape.

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