First playable demo of 1000xRESIST available now


Fellow Traveller today released a playable PC demo for Sunset Visitor’s debut indie game, 1000xRESIST. The demo will be available as a part of Steam Next Fest until February 13 from the game’s Steam page

You are Watcher, a clone who lives at the world’s end. You worship the last surviving human: the ALLMOTHER. When a dangerous rumor shatters your faith, you phase through time and memory to expose a 1000-year-old lie. Relive. Reclaim. RESIST. 

1000xRESIST is a unique, hyper-cinematic narrative adventure developed by sunset visitor 斜陽過客, an independent, Vancouver-based team of majority Asian-Canadian diaspora creators who have more than a decade of experience in dance, theater, music, film, visual arts, and new media arts. 1000xRESIST draws heavily from the team’s collective disciplines and their diaspora experience.

1000xRESIST is a hyper-cinematic adventure. Shift through time. Experience the past, present, and future. Examine memory, identity, and inherited histories, whilst exploring dynamic environments, each with their own distinct style and feel.

The emotionally complex world of 1000xRESIST will push you to a series of difficult decisions, with multiple endings. Your actions will shape the fate of the next generation.

1000xRESIST is published by Fellow Traveller and is coming soon in 2023.

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