Thirdverse Reveals Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds to Launch December 1


Intense 10 vs 10 tactical VR shooter to launch for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR, and Valve Index headsets.

Thirdverse Inc. and inXile entertainment today revealed that Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds will launch on Steam and Oculus stores on December 1, 2020. Planned for global release in ten languages on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR, and Valve Index headsets, players will have a chance to test their strategy and marksmanship skills against a variety of enemies, maps, and game modes in the vast arctic tundra. Upon release, Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds will be available globally for $24.99 USD.
Beginning at launch, players will also be able to compete in a multi-week Leaderboard Challenge event, where the top five winners will be rewarded with prizes, including a GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card from NVIDIA, an Oculus Quest 2, Amazon gift cards, and Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds swag.
More about Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds:
Intense 10 vs 10 Tactical VR Shooter
Strategy is key as you and your team engage in intense 10v10 skirmishes to capture objectives in Conquest, or take down your enemies in Team Deathmatch.
Beautiful but Hostile World
Set in an abandoned military base in Antarctica, jump into a battlefield where the opposing team isn’t the only enemy. Something else is waiting out there in the snow, and you’ll need to defend against a horrifying new threat.
Lock and Load a Massive Arsenal
With dozens of weapons and tools, you can gear up to fight, defend, or support your teammates. Classic rifles and pistols, as well as energy weapons, grenades, and a multitude of support items let you build your ideal loadout.

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