Get a deeper look at Kitara Fables!

Get a deeper look at Kitara Fables!

Get a deeper look at Kitara Fables!

Armed with sword, bow and spell book, fight against a rising darkness threatening the world of Kitaria Fables. Adventure through wildlands, dungeons and more in search of relics and resources, tend to your farm, craft provisions, gear, and new spells to take on quests solo or with a friend in co-op mode!  
  Unrestricted by class, customise and change your load out as often or as little as you like! Burn your enemies from a distance, cut them down where they stand with your sword or trust in your arrows to fly true.  
  With a real-time battle system and classless combat, kit your loadout with swords, bows and magic in any way that suits your environment, enemies, and unique play style! Use resources to craft magic, weapons and armour that compliment your favourite way to play.  
  Embarking on your quest for the very first time, the mysterious and notorious Sage Alby reluctantly shares wisdom from an ancient spell book, introducing you to the lost art of magic.  
  Harness the elements of fire, water and wind, learning the old ways of a magic outlawed by The Empire long ago! With a huge range of skills to learn, collect ‘spell spheres’ to trade with the Sage to unlock new spells.  
  Kitaria Fables features local co-op, and remote play via Steam! Team up with a friend, double your firepower and face the dark creatures & dangerous enemies of the wildlands.  
  Balance your party with the highly customisable loadout and combat mechanics; from sending in a point-blank heavy hitter while casting spells from afar, to flanking enemies hard with two close range bruisers, and more – the choice is yours!  
Adorable Action Adventure Kitaria Fables will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year!

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