Home Gaming Godzilla coming to Monster Hunter: World?!

Godzilla coming to Monster Hunter: World?!

Godzilla coming to Monster Hunter: World?!
Godzilla coming to Monster Hunter: World?!

Godzilla coming to Monster Hunter: World?!

Three of Capcom’s big names behind top-selling video game Monster Hunter: World have revealed which famous creatures they would like to see included in the action RPG.

Speaking exclusively to Fanatical, Monster Hunter: World Producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto; Director, Yuya Tokuda; and Executive Director/Art Director, Kaname Fujioka spoke about designing the game’s vivid and awe-inspiring monsters.

“The monsters are fantastical creatures which take design inspiration and reference from various different real-world animals,” says Fujioka. “But we also base some aspects of them on non-living objects depending on the kind of gameplay design we want to express. For example, Legiana is able to fly around very freely, so we wanted its wings to look like they could let it control the air resistance around it.

“We made them a more complex shape than other flying monsters wings, inspired by aeroplane wings, with many flaps that it can open and close. Another example is the electrical monster Tobi-Kadachi. It’s covered in fur which lets it charge up static electricity, and releases it to attack, so we took inspiration from electric stun-guns.”

Fanatical also asked the trio which of the current monsters included in the game have stood out the most in a now 30-strong roster.

“My favourite is the flagship monster, Nergigante,” says Tokuda. “It’s very powerful but it also has clear attack patterns and weaknesses, so it’s a great monster for improving your skills. I still find it fun to hunt no matter how many times I’ve done it. Oh, and its music is really cool.”

“I would say the monster which represents the whole series: Rathalos,” says Fujioka. “One of the key aspects of this game was how much we would change the existing monsters who appear in it. We considered this a lot, and when I finally first saw Rathalos running in a build of the game it bowled me over.

“It was just so cool! I’m really satisfied with how we could do justice to this monster who has done so much for us for over 10 years.”

“Kulu-Ya-Ku,” says Ryozo. “I love his personality and how he gets bolder when he’s holding a big rock. He’ll get brave enough to take on monsters that are clearly much stronger than him… keep an eye out for this behaviour in the game!”

It would take some stiff competition to challenge any of the current monsters residing in the living ecosystems of the New World, a daring and beautiful place in which Hunters and their Palico companions embark on hunt and capture quests. Choosing from famous monsters seen on TV, in movies and comics, and various other media forms – the devs discussed which monsters they would love to include in Monster Hunter: World.

“I love Warcraft, so probably the Frost Wyrm or Sindragosa from that,” says Tokuda. “It would be amazing to bring such visually interesting monsters to Monster Hunter: World and see them punish hunters with the wing-beating and ice breath!”

“I would choose Gigan from Godzilla,” says Fujioka. “With its single eye, sharp claws, and electric buzzsaw on its abdomen, it’s a kaiju with a very ferocious design. There are other kaiju that I like, but I would want to choose a collaboration monster that does things we couldn’t otherwise do in Monster Hunter.”

“It’s got to be Godzilla himself for me,” says Ryozo. “He’s the monster we’ve all watched since we were little, and he represents Japan!”

Head over to the Fanatical Blog to see more on what the devs said about the game ahead of its PC release.

Monster Hunter: World arrives on Steam PC this Thursday (August 9th) and is available to pre-purchase now on the Fanatical Store – with 20% off both the standard edition and deluxe edition.

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