The Great Whale Road Out Now

The Great Whale Road Out Now
The Great Whale Road Out Now

The Great Whale Road Out Now

Sunburned Games, an independent studio that creates story-driven games with rich historical settings, released its debut title The Great Whale Road out of Early Access earlier today.

The release includes the complete storyline of the Danish campaign and a number of enhancements from the previous version in Early Access. In addition to English, the game is now also available in German, Spanish, and Italian. A French version is being worked on and is planned to be released together with the Frankish storyline before the summer.

In addition to Steam, the game will be available on the Windows Store on the 6th of April.

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About Sunburned Games: Sunburned Games is an independent studio developing ‘The Great Whale Road’. The studio is based in Valencia, a city rich in history and also rich in sunshine. Sunburned Games’ vision is to create hand-crafted gaming experiences with historical authenticity and strong narratives.



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