Green Hell Challenges Players to Survive Together when Co-op Mode Launches on April 7


♫♫ Me and you and you and me, SURVIVING TOGETHER ♫♫

How well do you play with others? Creepy Jar has been hard at work on their content roadmap for Green Hell since its launch into 1.0 in Sept. 2019, and they’re happy to announce that the most requested feature of all, Co-op Mode, will be arriving on April 7, 2020. Tackle the dangers of the Amazon with up to four players in online co-op, but don’t be fooled into thinking there’s any more safety in numbers. The emerald depths of the world’s largest rainforest are just as perilous as ever!

Available on PC for $24.99 USD, Green Hell has seen near-constant improvement and new features as the Creepy Jar team diligently works to complete goals on their 2020 content roadmap. See below for the key additions in the co-op mode update:

  • Play with your friends — Up to 4 players can tackle the rainforest together in the ultimate bid for survival!
  • New voiceovers — Our characters can’t all sound the same, can they?
  • New character models — What? You think we have identical quadruplets in here? Different clothing colors and beards will populate for each character in your party.
  • In-game chat — Yell at your friends for doing things wrong! It’s fun!
  • Redesigned menus — New menu options to make accessing and using co-op a breeze.
  • Enhanced leech removal — Be a pal, won’t you? Go ahead and remove the leeches from your buddy’s nether-regions (well, their arms and legs, at least)!
  • Integrated invitations via Steam — Inviting a friend is as easy as hunting and skinning a Black Cayman! Okay, it’s actually a lot easier.

Green Hell is now available at a list price of $24.99 USD

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