The Best is Quest to Come – Green Hell VR sales, updates and Oculus Rift launch


Meta Quest owners can enjoy 20% off, improved gameplay and more.

More Meta, more sales, and more updates are here for Green Hell VR! Today, we launch the Rift edition, plus we keep the celebrations going with Quest discounts, updates, and fixes to one of the most immersive survival games. Rift Has Arrived!We are excited to announce that Green Hell VR  will be launching on the Rift today! Like a mountain climber, we are carefully, thoughtfully planning our next steps when introducing our Amazon recreation to new platforms and are proud to say we’ve taken the leap to the Rift. Quest Edition Sale

As a token of our gratitude and to echo our appreciation to more platforms, we’re offering a 20% discount on the Meta Quest edition of Green Hell VR starting July 29 to July 31. Step into the well-worn boots of famed anthropologist Jake Higgins as he treks through the Amazon in search of his missing wife. It will only cost you $23.99 USD, and as much tenacity as you can muster.Visit Green Hell VR for Quest on the Oculus Store Quest Achievements & UI UpdateWe recently have announced achievements for the PC VR version, but we couldn’t have our Meta Quest players miss out on the excitement of being rewarded for your efforts! Yours to uncover, Quest Achievements will be available for Green Hell VR as well! Be like Iron Man or be leafy, green and free as a Vegan through your run. There are plenty of familiar and new awards to obtain.New to Quest is the option to scale UI to your desired setting. This will ensure maximum comfort as you hack, slash and chop your way through the jungle.Fixes, Updates and Patches for QuestLearning to adapt in the jungle takes time, practice, and precision. We can confirm that the same goes for developing a jungle survival game as well. We are continuously listening to the fans and feedback, which means constantly learning how to improve the experience for players. In the latest update, we have made several changes, including:  Backpack improvements: touch support and an overall refurbishing of the backpack system. Your backpack is the only thing that’s got your back out there, if you get our meaning, it’s important we make it as helpful as possible. Supplies for days: stack supplies and find arrows in a dedicated spot, like the organized survivor person you are! What pothole? We’re filling in terrain holes as we find them. Sometimes it’s the easy way, sometimes the hard way.  Backfired: gasoline will no longer extinguish fires, as that is the opposite of what gasoline does to fires. 

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