Mobile MMORPG Guardians of Cloudia Launches on iOS, Android


Multiple character classes, PvE, PvP, and plenty of social featuresawait Skywalkers in the City of Cloudia.

NEOCRAFT, a China-based mobile game development studio specializing in interactive, long lifecycle MMOs, and multiplayer competitive games, invites players to become Skywalkers with the launch of its latest MMORPG, Guardians of Cloudia, on the App Store and Google Play.
In Guardians of Cloudia, Skywalkers can become one of five basic classes — Archer, Oracle, Mage, Rogue, or Swordsman —  then branch out towards one of two advanced classes, giving players the opportunity to specialize in up to ten different classes like the Sharpshooter, Pyromage, or Destroyer. The game also features a unique runes system that allows Skywalkers to improve their stats beyond their standard gear and a full range of customization options.
Skywalkers won’t have to adventure alone as there are over 100 pets to collect, each falling under one of three elements: Wind, Fire, and Earth. Each pet has its own unique active and passive skills — some of which can be an absolute game-changer — unique appearances, and skillsets, and pets will change their appearance as they evolve. Skywalkers can strategically combine pets to improve their character class, such as combining a Pyromage with a fire-type pet to become an even more fearsome adversary.

Skywalkers begin their adventure in the City of Cloudia, soon venturing out into the vast and open world of Guardians of Cloudia filled with PvE modes that are waiting to be challenged. A variety of well-designed dungeons are waiting to be explored and eagle-eyed Skywalkers may even come across several secret easter egg quests hidden throughout the world. Skywalkers looking to challenge others will be able to do so in Guardians of Cloudia’s various PvP modes, which include 1v1, Team vs Team, Guild vs Guild, and a Battle Royale mode.
Whether they be friend or foe, Guardians of Cloudia has many industry-standard social features. Create a squad to keep tabs on your team during a challenging dungeon run, become a guild to always have a friendly face available when the need arises, get married to another Skywalker that you fancy, and even spend time growing and cultivating your own farm.

Guardians of Cloudia is now available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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