Help Cheep App to give Limelight to Our Unsung Heroes

Help Cheep App to give Limelight to Our Unsung Heroes
Help Cheep App to give Limelight to Our Unsung Heroes

Help Cheep App to give Limelight to Our Unsung Heroes

Some people are compassionate enough to want to make a difference in somebody’s life, and bold enough to actually go out there and do it. These are the unsung heroes, those who start their work only when the going gets tough!


That was the seed that sowed the concept of Cheepwali Diwali, an initiative that’s the first of its kind and aims to honour those who are as ordinary as us, and yet, their work is amazingly extraordinary. CHEEP aims to bring these heroes into the limelight and give their work some much-needed recognition, while encouraging more people to give back to society in some way.


With such a unique concept, the response was terrific, with thousands of entries flowing in. Amongst them all, three were shortlisted on the basis of the work they’re doing, the enormity of their contribution and the kind of passion they showed towards giving something back to society. The result is three amazing stories that are a true inspiration, out of which, one will be finalized as the ultimate cause.


The first story is of Harakchand Savala, who provides cancer patients with any assistance they may need, and has been doing so for the past 33 years. There’s absolutely nothing that’s too big or too small for him and till date, he has initiated more than 80 humanitarian projects.


Next, we have Mark D’Souza, a noble soul who has been delivering free lunches to senior citizens in I. C. Colony since 2012. While he initially started off with a few dabbas a day, Mark now feeds more than 50 people every day.


The third story is of Sunil Satpute is solely responsible for creating a home away from home for people with disabilities, with an aim to give them the kind of opportunities they never had, and educating students with special needs, completely free of charge.


The ultimate cause will be chosen based on audience votes. Being a completely digital activity, users will have to visit the portal and vote for one of the heroes. The one with maximum votes will win!


Dr. Diwan Rahul Nanda, Group Chairman and Founder, TOPSGRUP and CHEEP, says, “Cheepwali Diwali is a unique concept that’s very close to our hearts. While we definitely aim to bring these unsung heroes into the spotlight, we also want people to realise the efforts taken by them to bring about a positive change in society, and celebrate their work. This will also be an annual initiative as we want it to become a movement, with more people choosing to do their bit in their own way and new stories coming in every year! 



Pretty much the need of the hour, CHEEP is an on-demand app for a myriad of home services, ranging from carpenters & electricians to plumbers and drivers, hair stylists and yoga instructors to masseurs, fitness trainers, cooks and tutors. With more than 20 different categories of service providers on hand, you can get every service you need in the comfort of your home.


While CHEEP bridges the gap between consumers and home care services with trustworthy professionals, the app’s main USP is the fact that it takes security so seriously. Each and every service provider is selected only after a thorough background check, police verification and close inspection of the qualifications required for the job, without which they are not even considered. The app also has a host of other unique features like an emergency alert service, a comprehensive insurance cover, instant bookings (within 5 seconds) and a pan-India presence over 20 cities. The app also aims to make the user experience extremely convenient with its round-the-clock operations and more than 30,000 verified service professionals.


Since its inception, the app has fast become the chosen option for every service, whether big or small, and is aiming to become the premier service provider in the country.


About the parent company TOPSGRUP

With employee strength of over 130,000, TOPSGRUP stands as the largest Indian security services group. Over the past 47 years, it has developed a roster of over 9500 client units across 251 offices with a strong, long standing relationship with over 98% who have been customers for over 30 years and has won numerous awards including India’s most trusted Security Services Brand by ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2014’.


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