Heroine Anthem ZERO II Scalescars Oath Release on Steam


Heroine Anthem ZERO II Scalescars Oath Release on Steam

We’re very excited to announce that the RPG game Heroine Anthem ZERO II Scalescars Oath from our WindThunder Studio is released for Steam today, February 22nd.

The early access version of the game was launched on Steam in 2019. With its high combat fluency and story performance, Heroine Anthem ZERO II Scalescars Oath received a “Very Positive” rating on Steam. The official version has as many as 20 chapters of story content, extending the playing time to more than 50 hours. The game is equipped with rich CG performances, the debut of new characters, more than 350 scene levels, and a vivid illustration style that combines 3D with 2D scenes.

Steam landing page→  https://store.steampowered.com/app/787850/Heroine_Anthem_Zero_2__Scalescars_Oath/

The official version is priced at NT$530. For players who have purchased the early access version, the game will be upgraded to the official version for free.

Heroine Anthem has entered its 20th anniversary since the first generation of works, and the new series Heroine Anthem ZERO II: Scalescars Oath is also created by the original studio. The story begins when the world was freed of chaos, the Twin Virgin Saints started the circle of the seven doomsday. When the lands were flooded on the sixth doomsday, after the descendants of the Savior received blessings from god, they resurrected under the newborn Tree of Life Terasyr, establishing the royal city of Vuzahem. But ichthyopagion still continued to grow, making clear that the gods have not forgiven the world. People must find answers to the meaning of war while surviving the sins and punishments before Judgement Day. The story includes multiple subtle metaphors for the relationship between god and humans.

WinkdThunder Studio has always focused on the inner growth of the characters and the establishment of the worldview. The story of Heroine Anthem uses metaphors in many places, interspersed in the protagonist’s experience, and discusses the subtleties between gods and people. relationship, and gradually bring players into this sinful time and space constructed under the punishment of god, looking for the answer to atonement.

The story design is based on a combination of Syberian culture, Mermaid folktales, and Asia tribal legends.

Game Features

Vivid storytelling

The game contains hundreds of CGs and 2D animations aligned visually and audibly with the story. With more than 100 stages and 100,000 words, players can truly immerse in the world of Heroine Anthem Zero.

World-class BGM

The music composition team includes composer Joe Chou, Motoki Ohno, Tetsuya Ueda, and Shigezo Kamimura, who received the Highest-Kuninomiya International Culture Award in 2013. Heroine Anthem Zero 2 continues to bring some of the best BGMs to its players.

Unlocks different skills

As the character levels up, players have a range of skills to unlock, including dodge, perry, triple jump, jump attack, and more. With the desired combination, players can have their style of combat.

Combat companion

There is a combat companion system in Heroine Anthem Zero 2. Combat companion levels up as the story progresses, thus unlocking more skills to activate during combat.

Multi-player summon assist skills

Equipped with different auxiliary skills imprints, with the “Quick Key Customization System”, you can quickly activate skills at the same time, and summon different partner characters to attack at the same time. As the game progresses, you can change different shapes and perform different types of operations.


There are puzzles to solve on each map. Not only are they essential for stage completion, but the puzzles also include hidden treasures for players to explore. Some of the hidden mysteries will considerably assist the players.

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