Three New Mind-Bending Hidden Objects Games Collections are Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022


Three New Mind-Bending Hidden Objects Games Collections are Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

GS2 Games and Funbox Media announced Hidden Objects Collection Volume 2 will be released for Nintendo Switch™ on May 17, 2022. This second volume of Hidden Objects games includes six exciting new adventures, taking players from the depths of the Pharaohs’ tombs to the luxurious Titanic II and beyond . Hidden Objects Collection Volume 2 will be available from Funbox Media Ltd in Europe and GS2 Games in North America.   In keeping with their commitment to the hidden objects genre, GS2 and Funbox will also release Hidden Objects Collection Volume 3 and Hidden Objects Collection Volume 4 later in 2022, for a combined total of 15 new Hidden Objects games across the three volumes. These puzzle-packed adventures put players’ powers of observation to the test, solving puzzles in the depths of ancient temples and foiling the plot of an evil cult in a haunted hotel, and uncovering the lost secrets of fabulous antiques in beautiful cities around the world.

Hidden Objects Collection Volume 2 includes:  

●      1912 Titanic Mystery: The Titanic II sets sail on her maiden voyage, but a bomb hidden on board ensures another Titanic tragedy unless someone saves the day. Explore the lavish ship and search for secrets and clues stowed away to uncover the bomb’s location in this stylish, puzzling mystery.

●      Family Vacation California: Hit the beach, take in a ballgame, and ride the rollercoaster at the theme park all before helping the family compete on the game show. Help Barb win the main prize and whole family to celebrate their great trip to California!

●      Family Vacation 2 Road Trip: The Simmons family is on vacation again, and this time, they’re taking their camper on cross-country adventure! Travel through Montana, Idaho, Colorado and more, spot iconic landmarks, catch a glimpse of a UFO near Area 51, and get back to nature in this family-friendly Road Trip adventure!

●      Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper: After her boss in a Washington public relations firm is caught in a political scandal, lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left unemployed and homeless. She accepts her father’s offer to help refurbish the old family place he inherited in Guthrie, Georgia. All it will take is a little TLC, and before long, what started as a job of necessity becomes a labor of love and a journey that takes her back home again.

●      Emily Archer and the Curse of Tutankhamun: Lady Archer is invited to Egypt to see the priceless treasure of King Tutankhamun, but arrives to find her dear friend murdered, and the mask of Tutankhamun stolen. Can you help Lady Archer to solve this case? Search for clues through 1920s Egypt, including excavations, tombs, and hotels to discover whose murdered Emily’s friend and find the missing treasure. ●      The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A respected member of Parliament is found murdered, and it’s up to you to find the killer – the notorious Mr. Hyde! Step into the shoes of an inspector from Scotland Yard, and dive deep into the case to find out why the hideous Hyde struck down Sir Danvers Crew. Can you crack the case and discover the horrifying truth?   Hidden objects fans can dive into Hidden Objects Collection Volume 2 for Nintendo Switch on May 17 for $29.99.

Hidden Objects Collection Volume 3 will include another six puzzle-packed games, taking players from the depths of hidden temples to a mysterious hotel and on a quest to uncover the truth behind a young woman’s dark family history.  

This volume contains:  

●      The Seven Chambers: Elasaid didn’t believe in astrology, but the force of the planets and constellations changed her life regardless of what she thought. After getting caught up in an explosion during a London riot, she falls into a coma and experiences a past life as a Highland Warrior fighting back the forces of darkness in The Seven Chambers. Overcoming the darkness in the chambers opens her heart to a lost soul, but the lost soul has been sentenced to spend eternity in the chambers. What will prevail; her love for the lost soul or her desire for freedom? ●      Ghost: Elisa Cameron: You wake up in a cold, desolate bathroom without any memory of your whereabouts, as a surveillance camera tracks your every move. Can you piece together the mystery and find your way to safety? As Elisa Cameron, you must work to save your sister, your future, and possibly the world. From the best-selling Dark Horse graphic novel “Ghost” comes a story of supernatural proportions in hidden objects form.

●      Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel: An ancient Egyptian cult searches for an almighty capable to bring great evil into the world, and only you can stop them! With the help of some ghostly companions. Marcus Antonius, King Arthur, Cleopatra other historical figures journey alongside you across the ages and into the underworld itself to stop this ancient horror rising from its grave.

●      Red Crow Mysteries: Legion: Your extraordinary gift is also a heavy responsibility: the ability to see things others cannot. And evil is never far away. He who has many names has awakened again, hungry for power. Can you pass the test and defend mankind when judgment day comes? Dive into an alternate dimension in this thrilling dark fantasy puzzle adventure!

●      Tales from Dragon Mountain: The Strix:. One day, Mina Lockheart decided to travel back to their family estate, long ago destroyed in a fatal fire, to make peace with her own memories and feelings of loss and loneliness. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine the adventure that would unfold after she arrived and the mythical creatures who would help her make peace with her troubled past.

●      Tales from Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair: Years after Mina Lockheart thought she defeated the heinous Lord Strix, dark shadows are rising once again. Strix is breeding a new army to enslave all creatures from the Dragon Mountains, and it’s once again up to Mina and her spirit friend Malik to travel the world and uncover the location of Strix’s lair to end his maleficent meddlings once and for all.

Hidden Objects Collection 4 brings together three unique and fun-filled puzzle adventures taking players across the world as antique hunter Mia Faircroft.  

●      Faircroft’s Antiques: Home for Christmas: The holidays are a time to relax, but not for Mia Faircroft. Explore vividly realized hidden object scenes, restore works of art in fun minigames, and bring joy this season in Faircroft’s Antiques: Home for Christmas!

●      Faircroft’s Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg: Join Antiquities expert Mia Faircroft as she visits the beautiful Austrian town of Treffenburg in search of a fabled antique collection that once belonged to a famous matriarch named Lady Ophelia Harcourt. There’s a story behind every antique, and when Mia finds that some details aren’t adding up, she’ll dig through every nook and cranny to uncover the Harcourt family’s secrets.

●      Faircroft’s Antiques: The Heir of Glen Kinnoch: Mia Faircroft returns in this thrilling new hidden object adventure! When the untimely demise of William MacDougal leaves his castle without an heir, Mia is called on to the humble little town of Glen Kinnoch to retrace his past and find his relatives. 

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